Zombie film ‘#ALIVE’ reveals Park Shin-hye, Yoo Ah-in running for their lives in official poster, main trailer

With only a few weeks left before its scheduled June premiere, Korean zombie thriller #ALIVE has dropped the movie’s official poster and main trailer, featuring lead stars Park Shin-hye (Heart Blackened) and Yoo Ah-in (Default).

#ALIVE is set in the city of Seoul as it is placed on lockdown due to a rapidly spreading virus that turns infected humans into flesh-eating monsters. It follows the journey of two people, Yoo-bin (Park Shin-hye) and Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in), as they try to keep themselves safe from contracting the dangerous disease. The two struggle to survive inside their apartment complex infested with zombified humans, while being disconnected from the rest of the world.

The official poster unveils a scene of total chaos where a zombie chases after Yoo-bin as she desperately tries to catch up with Joon-woo, who is barely holding on to her sleeve. The latter is fighting off a horde, trying to clear an escape path for both of them, while armed with a metal rod of sort for defense.

#ALIVE official poster

The Korean title #살아있다 (stay alive) is presented in large white block characters to contrast the gray building background. The English title #ALIVE is positioned on the lower left and opposite to it is the release date #2020.06. The red-colored font seemingly highlights the bloodbath being depicted in the still shot.

Meanwhile, the 1-minute official trailer opens to the sound of aggressive pounding on Joon-woo’s door. He slowly walks towards it and looks through the peephole to find out who is making the noise. He then opens the door and a bunch of hungry zombies suddenly burst through an entrance, creating a hair-raising jump scare. The next scenes show Joon-woo witnessing the complete mayhem that is starting to break out on the streets.

He stands aghast as people come screaming and running from every direction, with drivers losing control of their vehicles, establishments blowing apart, and a helicopter hovering in the sky. Joon-woo immediately tries to contact his relatives through his phone, only to be told that they could not go to him at the moment and that he must not go outside.

Then, terrifying captions start appearing one after the other—“Left alone,” “Data,” “Disconnected,” “WiFi,” “Text,” “Phone calls,” and “Everything is cut off.” He subsequently tries to survive with the resources that he has, but an inevitable moment comes where he is forced to go outside his unit to seek for necessities, in spite of the horror that awaits.

The next scene then shows Joon-woo trying to dodge a laser beam piercing through his window. He soon realizes that it is coming from the apartment complex in front of his. A woman’s voice-over says, “Hello?,” “Is anyone there?,” and Yoo-bin is revealed holding down her binoculars.

The two decide to form an alliance. Yoo-bin asks, “Can we really live?” to which Joon-woo replies, “We have to make sure we do. Let’s live together.” The video then closes with action-packed clips of the two trying to leave their apartments in a unified attempt to seek for a safer refuge elsewhere.

Main trailer for #ALIVE

#ALIVE is helmed by Director Cho Il-hyung, who has also co-written the script with director-screenwriter Matt Naylor, who penned the screenplay #ALONE where the movie is based. You can check out the film’s first posters here and Park Shin-hye’s recently released solo stills here.

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