‘Youth of May’ drops Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si’s couple poster, stills

KBS2’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Youth of May teases its viewers with the release of lead stars Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si‘s couple poster and couple stills.

Youth of May tells the love story of two people in the midst of a political uprising. The drama is led by Sweet Home (2020) co-stars Lee and Go.

In the released stills, Hwang Hee-tae (played by Lee Do-hyun), a medical student, goes on his first date with Kim Myung-hee (played by Go Min-si), a nurse. Hee-tae smiles brightly upon seeing Myung-hee, who is waiting for him at their meeting place. Myung-hee smiles back upon seeing him. There is awkwardness as Hee-tae sits besides Myung-hee, as if he is a lovesick boy in front of his first love. He also cannot stop smiling even though he cannot look directly into her eyes.

Lee Do-hyun in Youth of May
 Go Min-si in Youth of May
Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si in Youth of May

In the released poster, the two can be seen standing in a bright room, with Hee-tae’s eyes focused solely on Myung-hee, who is staring at something far away with a smile on her face.

The production crew said, “Since the drama is set in the ’80s, where living the harsh reality is more important than the feelings of love, the young love of Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si’s [characters] will be portrayed more tenderly. We hope everyone will look forward on how the two will fight for their love in the middle of a dangerous time.”

Youth of May will premiere on May 3 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the drama’s teaser here.

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