Yoo Teo to join global drama helmed by European PDs

The School Nurse Files‘s (2020) very own Yoo Teo has been cast in a global drama led by three European directors!

On February 22, Yoo’s agency CJ Entertainment announced the news of the actor appearing in The Window. The multi-genre drama will tell the story of an elite professional football team and the global business surrounding the sport. It will focus on the ensemble of players, agents, club owners, and journalists, as well as the dealings with sports events on and off the field. The drama will release a total of 10 episodes and will contain thriller elements.

Yoo Teo will play the role of Jo Jae-yeon. As the son of the owner of the team, he tries to dominate the football team and prove his worth but faces interference from his father. Yoo’s character raises expectations, as he will play an important role in the thriller part of the story. He shared, “It was interesting to participate in a great story, as well as [in a] co-production from both Asia and Europe. Jae-yeon [goes through] a lot of changes in genre and emotion, so it was not easy to maintain the character’s overall personality. I think it will be a lot of fun to see how much dramatic business football is facing.” 

The actor added, “Each cast member will show a wide spectrum of genres and various emotions, so you can see each one’s story while the drama is going on. It is a work that contains all elements such as action, love, drama, and tragedy.”

The Window is a collaboration of three directors working in Europe together, namely, Adrian Shergold, Claudia Garde, and Pieter Van Hees. Actors Mel Raido (Deep State), Tommy Bastow (Agatha Raisin), and Lynn Van Royen (The Twelve) have also amplified the expectations by joining in the cast. The drama is a joint venture of Germany’s ZDF Enterprises and Japan’s Fuji TV. It is currently in the later stage of production, but the release schedule and channel are still under discussions.

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