Yoo Seung-ho (Ruler: Master of the Mask) is now confirmed as the main lead in MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama I’m Not A Robot. He is up to play Kim Min-kyu, chairman of the board and largest shareholder of a company who has a severe allergy to humans and gets to experience his first love with a female android.

The actor’s role is described as someone who is so allergic to people and other things, so he never had any experience in dating and romantic relationships until a female robot enters his life. However, the robot is actually a human pretending to be an android. This role will be potentially played by Chae Soo-bin (Strongest Deliveryman) who already signed on to play the heroine. Her character is a young, athletic, and optimistic woman preparing for an entrepreneurial venture.

The production team of the drama finally completed casting its leads. Dongha (Suspicious Partner) and Minah (Beautiful Gong Shim) were initially courted last month to play the leads but they both declined the offer. As a result, the role was given to Yoo Seung-ho. He also received an offer to headline another MBC drama, I Am Love, earlier this month but eventually decided to take I’m Not A Robot. This project will mark his first rom-com drama since 2014, following his appearance in melodramas Remember-War of the Sons last year and Ruler: Master of the Mask from May to July 2017.

Meanwhile, Chae Soo-bin, who is starring in the currently airing Strongest Deliveryman as a hardworking employee of a Chinese restaurant, will be playing his third lead role in 2017 alone. She made her lead acting debut in Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People opposite Yoon Kyun-sang in the first half of the year.

I’m Not A Robot will be written by Kim Sun-mi of Shine or Go Crazy and directed by PD Jung Dae-yoon of W-Two Worlds. It is a 16-episode drama that is most likely to follow Hospital Ship in October.

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