Yeon Woo-jin, IU starrer film ‘Shades of the Heart’ confirms broadcast date, drops promos

Shades of the Heart is ready for its nearing premiere!

Starring Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Ji-eun (IU), Kim Sang-ho, Lee Joo-young, and Yoon Hye-ri, Shades of the Heart follows the story of a novelist who goes back to Korea after his marriage failed. He plans to publish a novel based on his life experiences, but after meeting various people, he starts writing another story. The film is set to premiere on March 31.

Along with the confirmed premiere date, the film has also dropped its main poster and trailer. In the unveiled poster, Yeon (Unfinished), who plays the main character Chang-seok, stands inside a public telephone booth on a dark night, with only the street lights illuminating his face. He stares blankly into nothingness, as if lost deep in his thoughts. The lonely vibe around him evokes a heartfelt emotion and draws the viewers’ attention.

Shades of the Heart main poster
Shades of the Heart main poster

Meanwhile, the released trailer shows Chang-seok meeting up with strangers in different places, such as in coffee shops, pubs, bars, and museums. Chang-seok, who left his wife and goes back to Korea after seven years, gets another life perspective after listening to a lot of different people, whose stories make him doubt his plan to publish a novel. Eventually, he starts to write another story from the start. Among the people he meets are Mi-young (IU), a woman lost in time; Yu-jin (Yoon, Josee), an editor who burns memories; Seong-ha (Kim, The Golden Holiday); a photographer seeking hope; and Joo-eun (Lee, Samjin Company English Class), a bartender.

Chang-seok’s opening question to Mi-young, “There’s a story I’ve been working on, do you wanna hear it?” seems more like an invitation for the viewers than a question for Mi-young herself. The phrase “The lost hearts become a story” makes the viewers wonder about the stories each character will tell. The slow, piano music in the background combined with the trailer’s sentimental and gloomy setting already hint of the movie’s melancholic theme.

Shades of the Heart was first released in the Jeonju Cinema Project at the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival. It is directed by Kim Jong-kwan, who also directed films such as The Table (2017) and Josee (2020) and the anthology series Persona (2019).

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