Yeo Jin-goo wears prison uniform in latest stills from ‘Absolute Boyfriend’

Yeo Jin-goo looks perfect, even in a prisoner uniform, as he draws the viewers’ attention in the new stills from Absolute Boyfriend, the Korean TV adaptation of Japanese manga Zettai Kareshi.

Absolute Boyfriend will tell the story of a woman named Eom Da-da, played by Bang Min-ah (Beautiful Gong Shim), a makeup artist who has learned to have a steel cold heart after experiencing a lot of disappointments in love. She gets a humanoid robot boyfriend named Young-goo, also known as Zero Nine, who is built to be the perfect boyfriend she has been looking for as it is programmed to only have affection for her.

In the new promos released on April 29, Yeo Jin-goo (The Crowned Clown) is standing firm dressed as a prisoner in the middle of a living room. It is a mystery as to why is he is wearing the uniform inside a house. His eyes are full of sadness as he stares at someone.

Photo Credit: Xportsnews

Yeo Jin-goo impressed the staff members with his stellar acting. He was able to fine-tune the scene represented by the stills and meet the expectations of those who saw him throw his lines in the scene.

According to a member of the production team, “Yeo Jin-goo has completely transformed himself to be a realistic and fantasy-filled Young-goo. He promises to show his fun, sweet, and emotional side as he portrays the role.”

As a completely pre-produced drama, Absolute Boyfriend already finished filming and is set to have a total of 40 episodes. The drama was directed by Jung Jung-hwa (Flower Boy Next Door) and written by Yang Hyuk-moon (Secret Healer). It will premiere on May 15 on SBS, following the conclusion of Wednesday-Thursday drama Big Issue.

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