Yeo Jin-goo, Jung Chae-yeon meet in latest stills from “Reunited Worlds”

SBS released new stills from its upcoming drama Reunited Worlds featuring its two main characters played by Yeo Jin-goo (Circle) and Jung Chae-yeon. The latest stills depict a major plot in the drama, in which the man disappears and the woman waits for him for several years.

The new stills show Yeo Jin-goo’s character, Sung Hae-sung, wearing his school polo shirt and sports shorts. He seems to be fixing his hair (lower left photo) and smiles at his childhood friend before running towards her along the school corridor. On the opposite site waiting for him is teen Jung Jung-won played by DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon. She is also dressed in her school uniform and makes a hand gesture to get his attention. The stills show beautifully shot images with the bright sunlight in the background.

Reunited Worlds Still
Photo Credit: SBS via Sports Donga

Reunited Worlds is a fantasy romance drama about two childhood friends, Sung Hae-sung and Jung Jung-won, who get separated during their high school years and meet again 12 years later. The new stills released by the network reflect this premise of the drama with Jung Jung-won eagerly waiting for Sung Hae-sung to come. Sung Hae-sung disappears one day due to a mysterious incident and returns home after 12 years looking exactly the same as when he disappeared. 31-year old Jung Jung-won, played by Lee Yeon-hee (Hwajeong), has been desperately waiting for his return and becomes surprised upon seeing him with an unchanged appearance of an 19-year old man. She is working as an assistant chef in a restaurant owned by Ahn Jae-hyun’s (Cinderella and Four Knights) character, Cha Min-joon.

The upcoming drama is penned and directed by writer Lee Hee-myung and directed by PD Baek Soo-chan who collaborated together before in Beautiful Gong Shim and The Girl Who Sees Smells. It will premiere on July 19 for a 40-episode run every Wednesdays and Thursdays, following the recently completed Suspicious Partner.

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