Woo Do-hwan in talks to cast as lead in new drama ‘Hero’

Fans of Woo Do-hwan may not have to wait for too long before they can see him in a drama again as the actor is already being offered to lead the upcoming OCN series Hero.

Hero will give life to the concept of a modern world where streets are tainted with the unjust ways of a monstrous and invisible dark force. In the current state of circumstances, people who choose to do the right thing are branded as criminals. The wheel starts to turn, however, when ordinary people decide to pursue and stand against the evil power behind their society’s disarray for the sake of humanity.

Woo Do-hwan is in talks to play the character Oh Gyu-tae, a former prosecutor who was forced to retire from his position and had his license suspended for 10 years after he lost his patience during an assault case trial and smashed a book down the head of a troublemaking chaebol heir.

He was a boxing athlete until his high school days, but the unexplainable suicide of his older brother made him quit his career in amateur sports. Instead, he focused all his efforts in academics, ultimately graduating at the top of the Judicial Research and Training Institute and landing a coveted job as a prosecutor of the investigation department. The unfortunate trial incident left him practically jobless as his part-time work at a friend’s tuning shop is barely enough to get him through his day-to-day life.

Woo has been earning praises from a wide audience for his impressive portrayal of two strikingly different characters in The King: Eternal Monarch⁠—one composed and tough and the other, energetic and emotional. If he accepts, the current drama could be another great avenue for him to display his incredible acting talent as its protagonist.

Hero will be penned by Park Hee-kang who previously wrote the screenplay for OCN’s Possessed (2019). It is set to be produced by Daydream Entertainment.

Meanwhile, you may watch Woo Do-hwan in the final episode of The King: Eternal Monarch on SBS this June 12 at 10 p.m. KST or via Netflix on the same day.

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