‘Wonderful Rumors’ unveils jaw-dropping teaser posters

OCN’s upcoming fantasy drama Wonderful Rumors has released its initial posters, showing the evil slayers in action!

Wonderful Rumors tells the story of the Counters—a group of people with special, otherworldly abilities who are destined to hunt down and eliminate dangerous spirits from the afterlife who come down to Earth to seek immortality.

The images are set against a stark blue sky, completely putting the focus on the Counters, fully clad in red sportswear. They seem to have just jumped off the building and are all ready for action. Captured in the promotional visuals are So Moon (Jo Byung-gyu, Stove League), the youngest Counter who is left with a limp in his leg after an accident and has immense physical strength; Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang, Graceful Friends), a righteous former police officer who has no memory of his past; Do Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong, I Wanna Hear Your Song), a spirit-tracker who can read a person’s memories through touch; and Choo Mae-ok (Yeom Hye-ran, Mystic Pop-up Bar), the anchor of the group and the chef of the noodle restaurant that the team uses as cover.

Amazing Rumor Poster 1
Amazing Rumor Poster 2

Carrying the taglines “The Uncanny Counter” and “Close the noodle shop door! Let’s go catch the demons,” the posters are teasing the unusual double lives of the main characters, who disguise themselves as restaurant workers while trying to defeat the demons that lurk in the city.

Wonderful Rumors (also Amazing Rumor) is based on a popular webtoon of the same name written by Jang Yi. The unique tale will be brought to life on the small screen by director Yoo Seon-dong and writer Yeo Ji-na and is set to become OCN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama.

The viewers can catch the exciting and action-filled story of the Counters in November, following the conclusion of the ongoing drama Search.

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