Woman of Dignity may not be as widely popular as Man to Man among international fans but it is receiving local audience shares that are higher than what Man to Man received during its run. Data from Nielsen Korea show that the ongoing cable drama from JTBC has broken its own record anew, achieving 9.131 and 9.575 % in nationwide and Seoul television ratings, respectively.

The 14th episode of the drama which aired Saturday night posted the highest rating of the series to date, gaining 2.4 percentage points versus the record it obtained in the previous episode. This above-9 % rating is higher than Man to Man‘s peak rating of 4.074 % and is close to the 9.668 %-all-time high record of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The nationwide average rating of Woman of Dignity‘s 14 episodes that have been broadcast already stands at 5.325 %, making itself the second highest-rated series among the cable dramas that have aired so far this year, just next to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Woman of Dignity Ratings Episode 1-14

The success of Woman of Dignity continues the significantly improved performance of JTBC in terms of television ratings in the first half of 2017. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Man to Man, the predecessors of the drama on the network’s Friday-Saturday time slot, achieved 7.649 and 3.174 % in nationwide average ratings, respectively. These numbers are higher than Madame Antoine‘s 0.713 %, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi‘s 2.243 %, and Mirror of the Witch‘s 2.340 %. These dramas aired during the same period last year—from January to July.

Woman of Dignity is a melodrama starring Kim Hee-seon (Angry Mom) and Kim Sun-ah  (Masked Prosecutor). It centers on two women, Woo Ah-jin and Park Bok-ja, who come from different backgrounds. Woo Ah-jin enjoys a life of luxury through the support of her wealthy father-in-law but things get complicated for her when her father-in-law loses his wealth, her husband cheats on her, and Park Bok-ja enters their family’s household with an ulterior motive. 

JTBC will air the last six episodes of Woman of Dignity until August 19. The drama will then be replaced by Age of Youth 2 on August 25.

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