‘Witch’s Court’ comes in first in TV ratings, beats ‘Temperature of Love’

KBS2 is poised to dominate the Monday-Tuesday time slot and recover from the sluggish performance of School 2017. Its latest series Witch’s Court recorded 9.1 % in viewership ratings Monday night according to Nielsen Korea, unseating SBS’s Temperature of Love from the top spot despite dropping slightly from its previous episode’s 9.5 %.

Data from the same TV audience measurement company show that Temperature of Love posted 6.8 % and 7.9 % in nationwide audience share for its 17th and 18th episode, respectively, both of which are lower than Witch’s Court latest achievement. In terms of ratings in the Seoul metropolitan area, Witch Court‘s 8.6 % also beats Temperature of Love’s 8.3 %, mean of the 7.7 % and 8.9 % it recorded. The SBS drama topped the ratings last week despite the premieres of its two rivals but now it seems to have found its main competitor in Witch’s Court which has the potential to duplicate Fight For My Way‘s success in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, MBC’s 20th Century Boys and Girls did not significantly improve its ratings last week, recording only 3.2 % and 3.5 % during last night’s broadcast. Over at cable network tvN, Because This Is My First Life suffered a drop in viewership from 2.647 % last week to 2.292 % Monday night.

Witch’s Court is KBS2’s first legal drama in 2017. It tells the story of a materialistic, competent prosecutor (played by Jung Ryeo-won) assigned to a special team that deals with sexual cases and a newcomer (Yoon Hyun-min) who questions her drastic methods in winning cases. Temperature of Love, on one hand, is a romantic drama about two individuals (Seo Hyun-jin and Yang Se-jong) who end up involved in a romantic relationship after finding the same “temperature of love” while romantic comedy 20th Century Boy and Girl centers around three single women in their mid-30s, depicting the process of them growing up through friendship, family bond, and love.


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