‘While You Were Sleeping’ unseats ‘Hospital Ship’ from top spot in ratings

SBS’s supernatural romance series While You Were Sleeping unseated MBC’s Hospital Ship from its five-week run in first place in terms of television ratings. Viewership data from Nielsen Korea for October 5 reveal that the drama recorded 7.9 % and 8.9 % in nationwide audience share for its seventh and eighth episode, respectively, finally ending the dominance of Hospital Ship on the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Hospital Ship premiered on August 30 and has since then dominated the competition on the said time slot in terms of television ratings. None of its rival dramas over at SBS and KBS came close to achieving the double-digit ratings it was enjoying during the past five weeks but this scenario may change very soon with the growing popularity of its newest rival. While You Were Sleeping just premiered on September 27 and it seems like it is up to become Hospital Ship‘s arch rival in the next weeks to come. Although there are significant drops in viewer ratings due to the Chuseok holiday from October 3 to 5, the drama’s records Thursday night beat Hospital Ship‘s 7.1 % and 8.3 % by 0.8 and 0.5 percentage point, respectively. Meanwhile, KBS’s special drama Kang Duk Soon’s Love History posted 2.9 %.

While You Were Sleeping and Hospital Ship definitely battled it out this week. On October 4, the latter emerged as the winner with 5.6 % and 6.6 % but While You Were Sleeping was trailing it closely at 5.1 % and 6.1 %. The next day, however, the medical drama came in second place for the first time.

While You Were Sleeping

The two dramas offer two very different stories and genre to the audience although both are dealing, among other things, with saving other people’s lives and the growth of major characters whose lives are scarred by a painful past. While You Were Sleeping centers around a journalist (played by Bae Suzy) who can predict the future through her dreams and a prosecutor (Lee Jong-suk) who gets entangled with her life when he moves into the same neighborhood as her. The latest episode shows them together solving a domestic violence case and having a kiss. So far, the series is enjoying many positive comments from the viewers including its clever plots and the improvement in Suzy’s acting.

Hospital Ship, on the other hand, is about a group of doctors working on a ship that travels across islands to provide the locals with medical services. Veteran actress Ha Ji-won is playing a cold-hearted surgeon who is forced to volunteer while CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk is taking on the role of a public health doctor who willingly joins the ship.


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