Lee Sang-yeob (My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week) takes center stage in the latest stills from SBS’s upcoming supernatural romance drama, While You Were Sleeping. The actor is playing a major supporting role in the drama starring Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy.

Lee Sang-yeob’s character is named Lee Yoo-beum, a handsome and successful prosecutor-turned-lawyer who is popular among his clients and the people who know him due to his interpersonal relationships. He is now handling criminal cases and often visits the court and the prosecutor’s office, which is how he reunites with a former acquaintance in Jung Jae-chan, played by Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds). The two had a tutor and student relationship in the past and now they are meeting each other again as lawyer and prosecutor.

The latest stills reflect Lee Yoo-beum’s character as a man who is quite good in dealing with people. The first two images above show him smiling during conversations. It is revealed that one of the stills represents a scene in the drama in which he visits a former colleague in the prosecutor’s office where he used to work. In another image, he is sitting in his office looking charismatic while talking to his guest.

While You Were Sleeping Stills Lee Sang-yeob 1

While You Were Sleeping tells the story of a woman with the ability to predict other people’s tragic future through her dreams and a prosecutor whom she will turn to in dealing with her premonitions. Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) plays the woman, Nam Hong-joo, who will become involved in the life of newly appointed prosecutor Jung Jae-chan. Many fans have been anticipating the premiere of the drama and the chemistry between the leading actors. The series is attracting public attention also because of the writer-director pair attached to it. I Hear Your Voice writer Park Hye-ryun penned the drama’s script while My Love From The Star PD Oh Choong-hwan is at the helm of the production.

Meanwhile, the second teaser of the drama was released by SBS on September 13. Compared to the first one, the newest teaser below is funny and focuses on the rom-com atmosphere of the drama.

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