Which Kdrama fan are you?

We all have our stories on how we started watching Korean dramas. Most of us saw the dubbed versions on our local TV channels and have then begun to immerse ourselves in them. Some of us never really bothered to check them out until a friend introduced us to one which opened the door to our addiction. No matter how you’ve started binge-watching Korean dramas, we can all identify ourselves as one or a mix of the following types. So, which Kdrama fan are you?

1. The “I don’t tell my friends” type

You are the type who loves to watch Kdramas alone in your room with your earphones on. You usually watch at night when your family or friends can’t bother you. You watch Kdramas as if they were scented candles calming your mind after a hard day at school or work. When your Mom suddenly opens the door, slight annoyance rushes through your body especially when the scene is climactic but you are able to relax easily. When with friends, you just keep quiet even if you hear the title of the current Kdrama you’re watching. However, you have a tiny squad of fellow Kdrama fans with whom you spill your heart out.

What kind of kdrama fan are you

2. The “Kdrama gave me eyebags” type

You are a very busy person who juggles school, work, and Kdramas like a piece of cake. No matter how busy you can get, you are always able to find time to binge-watch around two to three episodes a day. You usually start from around 11 pm to the early hours of the morning sometimes even going for more because YOLO! Sadly, this has given you eye bags and morning headaches.


3. The “Kdrama is my life” type

“Kdramas save my life” is your daily mantra. Your life is not a mess but you certainly find happiness in the fictional world Kdramas carry you to. Or maybe your life is already a mess and this is your way of coping up. You always have a tissue box by your side. It is almost automatic for you to find a piece of yourself in every Kdrama you watch. It’s as if these shows were based on your life. You have never felt so alone because you have a friend in the form of Kdramas.


4. The “I’m only here for Oppa” type

You have probably seen EVERY Kdrama and film of Song Joong-ki, Lee Min-ho, or Park Bo-gum. You know every title of the dramas of your favorite ‘oppa’ by heart and can even recite memorable lines. You follow Korean actors and actresses on Instagram and know their newest projects. Your dream is to see them in person but you’re too worried about fangirling/fanboying too much when that time comes. You are the best person to ask about actors (and actresses) because you have read every interview and news about them.

What kind of kdrama fan are you

5. The “Walking Kdrama dictionary” type

You have easily grasped Korean words and can go “Otteoke” any time of the day. Your dream is to someday watch Kdramas without the need for subtitles because that is just so “daebak”! When hanging out with friends, your initial suggestion is “Let’s eat at a Korean restaurant!” You are familiar with many types of Korean food and have been searching “How to” videos on Youtube. You have mastered how to open a samgak kimbap and you eat everything with kimchi.


6. The “I’m here to judge” type

You love to mentally criticize Kdramas and compare them to each other by plot, characters, storytelling, directing, and music score. You have a blog where you recap or review Kdramas per episode. You know who won at the Baeksang Arts Awards. You mentally give a standing ovation to Kdramas that are able to offer something new or have told the same old story but with a fresh approach. At times, you have even saved screen caps of aesthetically beautiful and memorable scenes. You like to watch behind-the-scenes videos of your favorite Kdramas when you have time.

What kind of kdrama fan are you

7. The “I spot that song!” type

You have good ears when it comes to spotting good OST or background music. You are especially observant when the scene is at a café where a certain acoustic song is being played in the background. You have artists like Ben, Tearliner and Baek Ah-yeon on your playlist. (Maybe you could recommend one song right now.)

What kind of kdrama fan are you

8. The “I influence my friends” type

You have influenced your friends to watch Kdramas. This has dramatically changed your friends’ lives. You like to compare what Kdramas you and your friends have already seen and at times, you gather at night to watch together. Whenever you hang out, Kdramas would always be part of the conversation. You know which Kdramas to suggest to each of your friends according to their personality and preference.

What kind of kdrama fan are you

9. The “I still have a normal life” type

You are the best when it comes to balancing real life and Kdramas. You allow Korean dramas to influence you in a good way but you never sob over reality. Your life may not be as exciting as what you witness on screen but you embrace it with gratitude. You don’t really have a lot of time to watch Kdramas – that’s how productive you are – but Kdramas add spice to your already beautiful life and with this, you are a winner!

What kind of kdrama fan are you

These are just a few types of Kdrama fans and personally, I’m a mix of numbers 1, 6, 7 and 9.

What about you? Which Kdrama fan are you? I would love to know! Comment yours below.

(AOIARO is a writer who is yet to find the perfect cafe for her imaginative needs. She keeps herself hushed about watching Korean dramas but writes her thoughts about them anyway. Follow her on Kdramapal for random, honest, and sometimes hilarious posts about your favorite Kdramas. Shoot her a shoutout at [email protected], message us on our Facebook page, or comment on this post below.)