‘When I Was the Prettiest’ releases teaser video, leaves viewers a heartbreaking question

MBC’s newest romantic drama has dropped a new teaser, and it is already breaking hearts.

When I Was the Prettiest, starring Im Soo-hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Seok-jin, tells the story of two brothers who are in love with the same woman.

The anticipated romance series has finally dropped a teaser video and is already raising expectations on the love triangle between Oh Ye-jin (Im Soo-hyang), Seo Hwan (Ji Soo), and Seo Jin (Ha Seok-jin).

The clip opens during Seo Hwan’s high school days where he falls for the then teaching assistant Oh Ye-jin. Unable to express his feelings, he follows her from behind in content as he pushes his bicycle so he could walk her home. Even though Ye-jin knows Seo Hwan is following her quietly, she, too, seems hesitant to approach him.

The scene then takes the viewers inside their school, where shy and awkward Seo Hwan avoids Ye-jin’s gaze whenever they pass by each other in the hallway but still bows politely to her. On one rainy day, Seo Hwan gives his raincoat to Ye-jin, and then scurries away under the rain. Ye-ji grips the raincoat tighter and smiles as her gaze follows Seo Hwan walking away.

The camera shifts once more to a flushed Ye-jin gripping on Seo-hwan’s uniform as he starts to ride the bicycle, seemingly giving her a ride home. The contact makes Seo Hwan smile in secret, and his brother’s voice echoes in the background, “Do you like the teaching assistant?,” to which Seo Hwan replies in denial, “What are you talking about?”

As Seo Hwan and Ye-ji continue to head home, riding the bike, Ye-ji sticks out her hand to feel the wind, and Seo Hwan could not help but smile. The scene shifts and cuts to the two brothers sitting beside each other on a grassy lawn at night. Seo Jin then throws the ultimate question, “Then, it’s okay if I go out with her, right?”

Shocked, Seo Hwan turns to look at his brother and stares at him for a long time, as if trying to process the question in his mind. A confident Seo Jin looks away, and a smile forms on his lips. But Seo Hwan continues to stare at him, as if already knowing the tragic fate that has befallen both of them.

When I Was the Prettiest Teaser Video

Throughout the entire 34-second video, a soft, warm song with a captivating female voice singing to the accompaniment of a piano and a guitar further added to the feels of the inevitable heartbreak being portrayed in the video.

Im Soo-hyang perfectly portrays the image of someone’s first love, with her innocent beauty and shy smile. Meanwhile, Ji Soo is also able to play a lovesick high school student, thrilled at the sight of his first love. While the pure moments of both of them trying to acknowledge each other’s feelings can make viewers feel nostalgic about their first love experiences, the video ends with a potential heartbreak and dilemma for Seo Hwan as he struggles to choose between the woman he admires and the brother he looks up to.

As early as now, viewers can already feel the chemistry between Ji Soo and Im Soo-hyang, and Ha Seok-jin’s addition to the love triangle is adding even more to their excitement. Seo Jin’s strong and blunt declaration of his plan to pursue Ye-ji is building up the anticipation, and viewers are already expressing their sentiments of looking forward to the premiere of the series.

Meanwhile, the production team of When I Was the Prettiest asked for the viewers’ support. “The meeting of Im Soo-hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Seok-jin in the series will be an important point in the story. Please look forward to relating to the characters and the feelings of your first experience in love,” they shared. The series held its first script reading in April.

Im Soo-hyang last appeared in the MBN series Graceful Family (2019) where she played the lead character. Meanwhile, Ji Soo previously starred in the two-season Netflix original series My First First Love (2019). Ha Seok-jin was last seen in Your House Helper (2018) and in a cameo role in the hit romantic series Crash Landing on You (2019) as Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk’s (Hyun Bin) brother.

Directed by Oh Kyung-hoon (Bad Thief, Good Thief) and penned by Jo Hyun-kyung (Grand Prince), When I Was the Prettiest is slated to air on August 19. It will take over MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 p.m. (KST) time slot, which will first be occupied by Chip In on July 22.

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