‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ breaks record in pilot episode viewership

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is off to a good start with record-breaking first episode TV rating. According to Nielsen Korea, the new tvN rom-com recorded 5.757 percent nationwide during its premiere on June 6, achieving the highest pilot episode rating among cable dramas so far in 2018. The drama broke the record of Lawless Lawyer, which is 5.275 percent.

In Seoul area, the series also achieved a record-breaking rating of 6.446 percent, which is higher than any pilot episode rating of 2018 cable dramas that had been aired to date.

The drama recorded impressive numbers in real-time viewership as well. According to the real-time viewership ratings research company ATAM, the drama’s average viewership for the first episode reached 7.44 percent. Meanwhile, the most viewed minute, which is toward the end of the episode, hit a whopping 10.3 percent.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim stars popular actors Park Seo-joon (Fight For My Way) and Park Min-young (Seven Day Queen). It tells the story of a narcissistic vice president of a large company and his capable secretary who decides to quit after working for him for nine years. The series is directed by Park Joon-hwa, the same director who helmed the hit cable drama Because This is My First Life.


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