‘Welcome To Waikiki 2’ reveals hilarious poster, video teaser

JTBC’s upcoming series Welcome To Waikiki 2 recently revealed an eye-catching first poster and a video teaser, the latest materials promoting its broadcast this March.

The brightly-colored poster shows all 6 main cast members looking up out of a hole in the ceiling, with surprised expressions on their faces. Out of the original cast of season 1, Lee Yi-kyung is the only one to reprise his role as Lee Joon-ki, with Shin Hyun-soo (Age Of Youth) and Kim Sun-ho’s (100 Days My Prince) roles joining his character’s endeavors to run the failing guesthouse called Waikiki. Moon Ga-young (Great Seducer), Ahn So-hee (Entourage) and Kim Ye-won (Heart Surgeons) are playing the female leads.

Welcome To Waikiki 2 Poster 1

Meanwhile, the video teaser for the show is a chaotic and hilarious ride, starting with the leading men, who are already in ridiculous situations and outfits, getting a shocking phone call and running out while cursing and yelling. The 55-second teaser is interspersed with snippets of humorous situations and misadventures and ends with the soot-covered faces of the male leads, as a woman’s voice narrates, “these people are so strange.”

Based on the newly released promotional materials, it seems that the second season is just as hilarious as the first one. The sequel has definitely held onto the cute and funny vibe from the first season, which deals with the friendship, love, and dreams of young individuals. Similarly, the new season will show the main characters’ journey towards realizing their dreams, albeit in a funny way.

Welcome To Waikiki 2 will premiere on March 25, following the finale of Han Ji-min starrer The Light In Your Eyes and taking over JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday primetime slot.

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