Fight for My Way suffered from a drop in ratings last week. The numbers are not really bad, but they went down from 11.4 % in last last week to 10.9 % in its 7th episode. This rating went further down to 9.8 % in the following episode, making it the only Monday-Tuesday free-to-air drama with a negative change in percentage points (CPP).  

And while Fight For My Way is losing viewers, My Sassy Girl seems to be getting more with its ratings that reached an all-time high last week. It started the week with 8.5 % (average of episode 9 and 10 ratings) and gained 1.1 percentage points to achieve 9.5 % (average of episode 11 and 12 ratings). When we look at the individual episode rating, we can see that My Sassy Girl managed to climb up to 10.5 % in episode 12 from 7.9 % in episode 9. Lookout also pulled off higher numbers last week that resulted in a 1-percentage point increase. It started with 6.1 % and ended the week with 8.1 %, exhibiting a distinctly positive trend it never saw in the previous weeks. If this gain for Lookout and My Sassy Girl continues, Fight For My Way will also continue to see a decline in its ratings this week.

The lone Monday-Tuesday cable drama is seeing no progress in its ratings. Circle‘s Monday rating of about 2 % is already not impressive, and it’s unfortunate that it went further down to 1.866 % on Tuesday. Maybe the Korean audience does not like a sci-fi experience so much.

In the middle of the week, Ruler: Master of the Mask still dominates although it barely improved in numbers. It is still hovering around the 11-13 % range and it seems like hitting the 14 % is still impossible this week. Meanwhile, Suspicious Partner has breached the 9 % mark again and it’s only a matter of time before it finally hits 10 %. It can definitely achieve that if Seven Day Queen remains the lowest-rated Wednesday-Thursday drama. Last week the KBS drama’s Wednesday episode nearly achieved 7 % but the following episode failed to sustain the momentum, losing 0.8 percentage point. At least its numbers stayed above 6 %.

Over at the weekend, The Best Hit recorded its highest rating so far at 5.5 %, thanks to the 2.1 percentage points it gained. Meanwhile, Woman of Dignity is off to a good start with its CPP of a little over 1 %. We will find out this week if JTBC can maintain its recent success in the Friday-Saturday time slot.

Secret Forest did not improve so much last week but its numbers remained over 4 %. It seems like tvN made the right decision to air a Saturday-Sunday drama. It remains to be seen though whether or not the network can finally move on from its rating slump that has spanned almost 5 months now. As tvN sees the potential of its new weekend drama to bring in higher audience share, OCN seems to be seeing the opposite. So far Duel is a disappointment in terms of ratings, especially if we look at the success of its predecessors Voice and Tunnel. On Saturday it recorded its all-time low of 1.5 %. It only improved by about 0.4 percentage points in the following episode to end the week at nearly 2 %, where it was hovering around since its premiere.

Ratings Summary: June 12-18, 2017 (The Change in Percentage Points, or CPP, is equal to 1st Day Episode Rating minus 2nd Day Episode Rating). All rating values are expressed in %.
DateDrama1st Day Episode2nd Day EpisodeCPP
Jun 12-13Fight For My Way10.99.8-1.1
Jun 12-13Lookout6.657.651
Jun 12-13My Sassy Girl8.459.51.05
Jun 12-13Circle2.0531.866-0.187
Jun 14-15Seven Day Queen6.96.1-0.8
Jun 14-15Ruler: Master of the Mask12.1512.350.2
Jun 14-15Suspicious Partner8.48.60.2
Jun 16-17Woman of Dignity2.0443.1081.064
Jun 16-17The Best Hit3.15.22.1
Jun 17-18Duel1.5021.9490.447
Jun 17-18Secret Forest4.0884.170.082

Weekly Ranking

June 12-18 Ranking. This ranking is based on the average nationwide ratings of the episodes of the drama that have aired so far. Rating data from Nielsen Korea.
RankFree-to-Air NetworksCable Networks
1Ruler: Master of the Mask12.1Secret Forest3.862
2Fight For My Way9.4Woman of Dignity2.576
3My Sassy Girl8.6Circle2.185
4Suspicious Partner7.9Duel1.928
6Seven Day Queen6.4
7The Best Hit3.8


Fight For My Way

  • Average ratings: 9.4 %
  • Highest rating: 11.4 % (episode 6)
  • Lowest rating: 5.4 % (episode 1)


  • Average ratings: 6.5 %
  • Highest rating: 8.1 % (episode 16)
  • Lowest rating: 4.6 % (episode 3)

My Sassy Girl

  • Average ratings: 8.6 %
  • Highest rating: 10.5 % (episode 12)
  • Lowest rating: 7.2 % (episode 5)


  • Average ratings: 2.185 %
  • Highest rating: 2.883 % (episode 1)
  • Lowest rating: 1.702 % (episode 5)

Seven Day Queen

  • Average ratings: 6.4 %
  • Highest rating: 6.9 % (episodes 1 % 5)
  • Lowest rating: 5.7 % (episode 2)

Ruler: Master of the Mask

  • Average ratings: 12.1 %
  • Highest rating: 13.8 % (episodes 10 & 12)
  • Lowest rating: 9.7 % (episode 1)

Suspicious Partner

  • Average ratings: 7.9 %
  • Highest rating: 9.8 % (episode 17)
  • Lowest rating: 6.1 % (episode 3)

The Best Hit

  • Average ratings: 3.8 %
  • Highest rating: 5.5 % (episode 11)
  • Lowest rating: 2.5 % (episode 1)

Woman of Dignity

  • Average ratings: 2.576 %
  • Highest rating: 3.108 % (episode 2)
  • Lowest rating: 2.044 % (episode 1)


  • Average ratings: 1.928 %
  • Highest rating: 2.182 % (episode 4)
  • Lowest rating: 1.502 % (episode 5)

Secret Forest

  • Average ratings: 3.862 %
  • Highest rating: 4.170 % (episode 4)
  • Lowest rating: 3.041 % (episode 1)


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