W, Drinking Solo rank 8th among 2016 dramas

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We’re moving on to the top 8 today and we see W and Drinking Solo holding the position. Some of you who like W may be glad to see it on this list as the 8TH highest rated drama of 2016 in free-to-air TV but others may be expecting it within the top 5 that they’ll be surprised to see its position close to the 10th place. But hey, there are other dramas out there that outperformed it in terms of ratings. And you’re gonna know them in the coming days.

Free-to-Air TV Top 8: W-Two Worlds (11.63 %)

W Two Worlds Poster

The second MBC (could it be the last?) to be included in the top 10 list, W-Two Worlds surely delivered a mind-blowing experience to its viewers with its gripping story that literally transcends two worlds. But what happened in the middle? Many are disappointed at the drama after something went wrong with the plot in the second half of its run. Their concern could be blamed for the drop in ratings from 8th episode onward. It started with a strong 8.6%, reached its highest rating for episode 7, and ended with a dismal 9.3%. This relatively low final rating is a clear indication that it lost the momentum it gained in its second week and forced some viewers to watch other shows. Nevertheless, W is still watchable, unless of course if you’re the type who ditches a drama over its flawed and complicated plot that would give you so many things to ask about at the end. This is not to say that the drama is bad. It uses many amazing mind-blowing twists in the beginning and gives its viewers a good romance to root for but there are some aspects of the story that makes no sense. Simply put, the problem is just it’s not perfect (as is the case in many dramas out there).

W Two Worlds ratings

Director: Jung Dae-yoon Writer: Song Jae-jung Main Cast: Lee Jong-suk & Han Hyo-joo Broadcast Period: July 20 – September 14, 2016 (Wed-Thu) Time-slot Rivals: Uncontrollably Fond, On the Way to the Airport, Wanted & Jealousy Incarnate

Cable TV Top 8: Drinking Solo (3.56 %)

Drinking Solo Poster

The second tvN drama to enter the top 10 list is Drinking Solo, which got an average rating of 3.56%, a number that is still close to 38 Task Force‘s 3.34% and Let’s Fight Ghost‘s 3.39%. The drama generally managed to stay within the 2-4 % range during the whole run and had five episodes that surpassed 4%, including the finale that recorded 5.02%. As its title suggests, the drama depicts the lives of characters who like to drink alone after work for some reason. But don’t worry. It’s not like you’re seeing too many scenes where people are so drunk that they fall asleep unknowingly on their tables. There’s beer and food, that’s for sure. But there is also romance and slice-of-life stories that could make you sympathize with some of the characters. Drinking Solo was generally able to pull its ratings up from its 6th episode onward, so it’s safe to say that it kept its viewers interested until the finale.

Drinking Solo TV ratings

Director: Choi Kyu-shik & Jung Hyung-gun Writer: Myung Soo-hyun, Baek Seon-woo & Choi Bo-rim Main Cast: Ha Seok-jin & Park Ha-sun Broadcast Period: September 5 – October 25, 2016 (Mon-Tue)

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