‘Voice 4’ recalls past villains in teaser videos, unveils Song Seung-heon’s first stills

Hit crime thriller Voice is coming back for an even more terrifying new season!

Voice follows emergency call center employees who, using the clues and details they hear over phone calls, fight crimes alongside detectives. It first premiered on OCN in 2017 and featured Jang Hyuk (Tell Me What You Saw) and Lee Ha-na (A Piece of Your Mind). The drama was renewed for a second season in 2018 on OCN and starred Lee and new cast member Lee Jin-wook (Sweet Home). The two actors also led the third season that aired in 2019 on the same network. This year, Voice 4 will air on tvN, with Lee and new co-star Song Seung-heon (Dinner Mate) leading the cast.

In one of the teasers, Voice 4 revisits the villains from the past three seasons: Kim Jae-wook (Her Private Life) in season one, Kwon Yul (No, Thank You) in season two, and Park Byung-eun (Oh My Baby) in season three, along with a glimpse of their evil deeds and their famous lines. Season four will reportedly feature a much more vicious villain with a terrifyingly exceptional hearing ability that rivals that of Kang Kwon-joo’s, Lee Ha-na’s character.

In the other clip, Kwon-joo recalls the traumas brought by her encounters with these villains. At the end of both teasers, Kwon-joo’s voice can be heard from the background, saying, “A Code Zero case has appeared. Golden Time Team, advance once again.”

Voice 4 has also dropped the character stills of its new lead star Song Seung-heon, who takes on the role of Derek Jo. Derek is a unit head at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and a detective with strong physique, steel mentality, leadership skills, and unshakeable determination to catch the culprit once he decides to go after them. As Kwon-joo’s new partner, expectations are set on how he will help her as they come across a new face of danger.

Song Seung-heon stills in Voice 4

Song Seung-heon shared, “I am very excited to join the Voice series, which was loved a lot for its past seasons, and I am having a lot of fun shooting.”

Voice 4 is slated to premiere on tvN this coming June.

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