Viu PH to begin offering Filipino-dubbed Korean dramas

Viu, a cross-national video streaming provider of Asian content, has pushed through with its initiative of becoming more accessible in the Philippines by releasing Filipino-dubbed Korean dramas starting this month.

With the constant increase in demand for Korean dramas, Viu Philippines has given in to the echoing request from many of its subscribers, which is to dub the platform’s popular ongoing series as well as its previous favorites. As gathering in front of the television has always been the usual bonding moment for most Filipino families, having an option to watch hit Korean dramas that use the local language is a convenient way for an easier and more relaxed viewing experience among all the members. Similarly, smartphone and tablet users will no longer have to miss important details from major scenes, which is what usually happens when viewers multitask between watching the story unfold and reading through subtitles.

As an initial response, Viu Philippines is kicking it off with two well-received cable dramas, tvN’s Emergency Couple (2014) and JTBC’s When the Weather Is Fine (2020).

Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ji-hyo in Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple is a rom-com medical drama that follows Oh Chang-min (Choi Jin-hyuk, Zombie Detective) and Oh Jin-hee (Song Ji-hyo, Was It Love?), a wedded couple who later divorced due to the strong opposition from the husband’s side and the constant fights that ensued because of it. Six years later, Chang-min and Jin-hee meet again as interns at the same hospital where they will have to work together in the emergency room for three months.

Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-young in When the Weather Is Fine

Meanwhile, When the Weather Is Fine is a romantic melodrama that centers on cellist Mok Hae-won (Park Min-young, Her Private Life). After a string of unfortunate incidents took its toll on her emotional being, Hae-won decides to quit her job and find solace in the countryside. She goes back to Bookhyun Village in Gangwon Province where she lived throughout her high school years. There, she meets her former classmate Im Eun-seob (Seo Kang-joon, WATCHER), who now runs a bookshop in her neighborhood called “Goodnight Bookstore.” Unlike her, Eun-seob has been leading a simple life. He wakes up in the morning, drinks coffee, reads a book, then writes on his blog. As he gets closer to Hae-won, however, Eun-seob’s ordinary routine becomes more meaningful. Having unexpectedly found healing in each other, their frozen hearts begin to feel warmth amidst the cold winter.

Slated to drop this November 20 on Viu Philippines, new Filipino-dubbed episodes of Emergency Couple and When the Weather Is Fine will be available for free every Friday and Saturday.

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