Upcoming OCN thriller drama ‘Missing: The Other Side’ drops main posters, announces premiere date

Along with the announcement of its August 29 premiere, OCN’s newest original thriller series Missing: The Other Side also released two versions of its official poster, both of which unveil intense visuals from main cast members Go Soo, Heo Joon-ho, Ahn So-hee, Song Geon-hee, Seo Eun-soo, and Ha Joon.

Missing: The Other Side follows a group of individuals who have set out to uncover the truth behind unsolved missing-person cases. Their undertaking leads them to a mysterious village that is said to hold the spirits of those people, as well as the key to discovering the reason behind each of their disappearances.

The freshly dropped posters vary distinctly in orientation, with one arranged vertically and the other positioned horizontally. Both of them are set against the same foggy forest, lined with trees that barely have leaves. Withering branches overlap at the center and seem to form the skeleton of a gateway, one that appears too unearthly for humans to brave through. Laid out above the ghostly scene are large, block letters that form the word “MISSING.” All cast of main characters peek through the letters, and judging from the troubled looks on their faces, it can be foretold that they will go through some disturbing episodes in the story.


Occupying the letter “M” is Kim Wook (Go Soo, Money Game), a good-looking man who smooth-talks his way to deceive people for money. He arrives at Duon Village one day, a place where the missing dead gather, and sees numerous unnatural phenomena unfold before him.

Taking over letters “I” and “S” is Jang Pan-seok (Heo Joon-ho, Kingdom 2), a figure with an unclear identity who secretly looks for missing people. He is the connection between Duon Village and the outside world. He meets Kim Wook and becomes his partner in solving cases.

Placed in the other letter “S” is Lee Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee, Welcome to Waikiki 2), Kim Wook’s supporter and a white hat hacker who aims to gain social justice. She works as a low-ranking employee at a community center as her day job.

Peeking through letter “I” is Thomas (Song Geon-hee, Mystic Pop-up Bar), the owner of Café Hawaii in Duon Village, who is showing pain in his eyes. Could this be depicting the exact moment where he had discovered the truth about the village?

Lastly, lovers Choi Yeo-na (Seo Eun-soo, Legal High) and Shin Joon-ho (Ha Joon, Black Dog) are featured in letters “N” and “G,” respectively. Joon-ho is an elite detective. One month before his wedding with Yeo-na, she disappears without warning. To find her, Joon-ho applies to the missing-persons squad.

The production team behind the series stated, “Set in the village of lost souls, Missing: The Other Side is a drama that will produce a thrilling entertainment through the stories of the dead, who are each hiding a secret from their past, and the living, who are trying to uncover them.” They also added, “Although the plotline deals with dead souls, the series will be a mystery-solving fantasy that is different from the horror genre. [We] hope you look forward to it.”

Missing: The Other Side is directed by Min Yeon-hong (Touch) and co-penned by Ban Ki-ri (A Witch’s Love) and Jung So-young. It is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m., replacing Train.

In the meantime, you can check out the drama’s first posters here and its message teaser here.

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