Upcoming historical drama ‘The Moon Rising River’ unveils star-studded casting lineup

One of next year’s most talked-about television offerings, The Moon Rising River, wows the drama community with a casting lineup that has gathered stars Kim So-hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji-hoon, Choi Yu-hwa, and Kang Ha-neul.

The Moon Rising River will be a reimagined depiction of Goguryeo’s popular urban legend about a princess who married a hunchbacked commoner. In the story, Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So-hyun, The Tale of Nokdu) was born as a princess but has been raised like a soldier. She goes after wrongdoers with the goal of redeeming the status of their collapsing kingdom. She is also ambitious as she dreams of becoming the first female Taewang or “greatest king.” Her firm determination begins to shake, however, when she meets Ondal (Ji Soo, When I Was the Most Beautiful), a gentle and pure-hearted man who is willing to go against his own principles in order to protect her.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hoon (Dinner Mate) and Choi Yu-hwa (My Dangerous Wife) have joined in to portray the major characters Go Geon and Hae Mo-yong. Go Geon is an elite general who appears to have gotten everything that he has ever wanted in his life, except Pyeonggang’s love and affection. For the first time, he finds himself in the middle of a fierce fight for someone’s heart. Bringing an exciting conflict to Go Geon’s plans is Mo-yong, a beautiful woman and a perfectionist who bears romantic feelings for him. Mo-yong resembles Pyeonggang’s personality in terms of being ambitious and plotting to take control of Goguryeo. While she has the special advantage of being able to foresee the future, she also keeps a deep secret.

In addition, award-winning actor Kang Ha-neul (When the Camellia Blooms) is set to make a special appearance as General On Hyeop, Ondal’s father and the leader of the Sunnobu region in Goguryeo. Inspiring devotion from people with his mere presence, General On Hyeop carries out his duties and responsibilities with a great sense of loyalty and service for the kingdom. In return, he receives an overflowing amount of respect not only from his soldiers but also from the masses.

The production team behind The Moon Rising River has remarked, “We have completed a lineup of actors who showed 100 percent synchronization with their roles, as if all characters in the script were actually alive. We focused on casting, with special attention to solid acting skills and chemistry between the different characters. The main protagonists are Pyeonggang and Ondal of the widely known Goguryeo folktale. We hope that you will look forward to seeing how their love story would develop as well as understand the message and emotions that the drama aims to convey to our current society.”

The Moon Rising River will be spearheaded by PD Yoon Sang-ho, director of King Maker: The Change of Destiny (2020), and screenwriter Han Ji-hoon of Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019–2020). It is slated to air in the first half of 2021.

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