Upcoming drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ unveils first look at Kim Go-eun’s character

The new webtoon-based series Yumi’s Cells has released the first set of stills featuring lead actress Kim Go-eun as the titular character.

Yumi is a 32-year-old employee who is terrible at expressing what she feels and has long been trapped in the world of “no-fun.” One day, something unexpected happens to her, injecting excitement into her boring daily life.

In Yumi’s Cells, her story will be told from the perspective of her brain cells, which control all of her emotions, as they work hard to help in Yumi’s emotional and personal growth.

The images captured Kim (The King: Eternal Monarch) donning Yumi’s signature short hair and bangs. They also show Yumi as an ordinary wage-earner who hustles and a bright-eyed young woman trying to enjoy her free time.

Kim Go-eun's first stills from Yumi's Cells

The production team behind Yumi’s Cells shared, “Since April, the actors and the crew have been working hard to make a high-quality work. Kim Go-eun is an actor who will show another side to Yumi. You can look forward to [the actress’] performance as she creates a realistic and empathetic character.”

Kim is joined by main cast members Ahn Bo-hyun (Kairos), Lee Yu-bi (Joseon Exorcist), and Park Ji-hyun (Do You Like Brahms?)

Yumi’s Cells is reportedly a seasonal production and has a fresh format that creatively combines live-action and animation. It will air simultaneously on the cable network tvN and the over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform TVING during the second half of 2021.

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