Upcoming BTS Universe drama ‘YOUTH’ casts 7 promising actors

YOUTH, an upcoming series based on the BTS Universe (BU), has found its lead cast in rising actors Seo Ji-hoon, Noh Jung-hyun, Seo Young-joo, Ahn Ji-ho, Jeon Jin-seo, Kim Yoon-woo, and Jung Woo-jin.

Set to feature fictional narratives that unfold within the real setting of BU, YOUTH will follow the coming-of-age journey of seven boys, each of whom has been dealing with personal struggles in their life. Soon after their paths cross, however, they will find solace and support in each other. As they learn to heal and grow individually, they will also fight and reach for their dreams together. Bearing the names of the BTS members, their inspiring stories will be told through metaphors and symbols.

First in the lineup is young actor Seo Ji-hoon who will play the role of Kim Seok-jin, an attractive young man. Though he may seem to lead a perfect life, Jin constantly finds himself trapped in the life that his father has already laid out for him. With his father working for the National Assembly, he has been trying hard to act as the ideal son. However, when he transfers to a new school and meets the other characters, Jin finally gets to make his own decisions and is able to act casually around those who genuinely care for him. Seo Ji-hoon is best known for his roles in the television series Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019), Welcome (2020), and Men Are Men (2020).

Next is Kkondae Intern actor Noh Jung-hyun as Min Yoon-gi or Suga, a boy who is always followed by an awful rumor. Underneath his tough and cold demeanor is a warm yet brokenhearted soul. Wherever he goes, the story that he killed his mom and set their own house on fire follows. His only means of escape is turning to his old piano and playing in memory of her, the sole person who means the world to him. Through his friendship with another character named Jungkook, Suga slowly acknowledges his haunting past and lets go of all the pain that has chained him to it. Among Noh’s previous TV works are He Is Psychometric (2019) and Strangers from Hell (2019).

Also part of the cast is Ahn Ji-ho of Nobody Knows (2020), who will take on the role of Jung Ho-seok or J-Hope. Despite experiencing one of life’s most traumatic experiences when he got abandoned at an amusement park as a child, J-Hope overflows with a bright and optimistic aura. On top of that, all traces of his sad past disappear every time he goes on the stage and dances his heart out.

Transforming into Kim Nam-joon, popularly known as RM, is Seo Young-joo, who already made quite a reputation in the acting field through his lauded performances in Solomon’s Perjury (2016–2017), Girls’ Generation 1979 (2017), Beautiful World (2019), and Nobody Knows (2020). RM is someone who wishes to have an ordinary life. He went through difficult circumstances growing up and because of that, he had become more mature than his peers. On the other hand, they have also molded him into the responsible person that he is now. He stays at the top of his class but still manages to take on multiple part-time jobs to support himself.

The World of the Married’s Jeon Jin-seo has been pulled in to play Jeon Jung-kook, a boy in search of the reason for his existence. As part of an unstable home, Jungkook has never experienced real happiness, until he meets the other characters. Aside from his unforgettable role in the mentioned record-breaking drama, Jeon has also graced the small screen in Graceful Family (2019) and The Tale of Nokdu (2019).

The drama’s roster of young cast also presents fresh faces. One of them is Kim Yoon-woo who got the role of Park Ji-min, a boy who hides a terrible secret behind his bright smile. He has become desperate for some sense of identity due to his family’s suffocating and deceptive upbringing of him.

Lastly, Jung Woo-jin is another budding artist who is on to make his formal television debut as Kim Tae-hyung or V. He is a boy full of emotional wounds inflicted on him by his father, who turned into a drunkard after his wife left him. He lives with the hope that his mother would still come back someday and that his father would go back to the loving man that he used to be.

Meanwhile, the production crew behind YOUTH shared, “It is a work that aims to depict the individual stories of the seven boys in a relatable and pleasant way, but at the same time, unveil the complexity of their characters. Knowledge and understanding of their roles, acting abilities, and their onscreen chemistry are the most important things for us. We have completed a lineup of young stars with incredible visuals that will maximize the charms of their characters. Please look forward to the synergy of the seven actors who will headline the BTS Universe story.”

YOUTH is scheduled to air in 2021.

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