Uhm Tae-goo’s transformation in new stills, posters from ‘Save Me 2’

With its premiere set for next month, Save Me 2 has continued releasing new promos, unveiling still cuts and character posters back-to-back in the last two days.

Uhm Tae-goo in stills from 'Save Me 2'

In the series, Uhm Tae-goo (More Than A Maid) plays an athlete-turned-alcoholic with a bad temper. The still images from the set of the drama, which was released yesterday, provide a glimpse into his transformation into an unstable guy who is used to frequenting prison. In all three stills, Uhm is seen dressed in tracksuits with his hair cropped short, lending him a dangerous vibe. In one still, he has a bandage adorning his face and in another, is angrily grabbing a policeman by his collar. His character is the first one who realizes the strangeness of the events going on in his village, but because of his track record, nobody believes him.

The show is set in a village named Wonchuri whose residents are asked to relocate because of a dam construction project. Uhm plays a village resident along with Esom (The Third Charm) who portrays his sister. Trouble looms over the place when a man played by Chun Ho-jin (My Strange Hero) arrives and tries to establish a religious cult with help from a local pastor played by Kim Young-min (My Ajusshi).

OCN also posted character posters of the four lead actors on its official Twitter account on April 8. The actors all appear to be embodying their characters in the show—Uhm Tae-goo looks defiant, Esom looks a bit lost and vulnerable while Chun Ho-jin and Kim Young-min seem to be hiding sinister schemes behind their sweet smiles.

Save Me 2 will be directed by PD Lee Kwon of the Shut Up Flower Boy Band fame. It is his first drama since 2012 and will premiere on May 8 following the conclusion of Possessed.

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