Uhm Ji-won becomes female lead of SBS drama “Falsify”

Uhm Ji-won will join the cast of the upcoming SBS legal drama Falsify, which marks her first drama in about four years after starring in Woman Who Married Three Times in 2013. This was confirmed on June 7 by a source from her agency, J-Wide Company.

Uhm Ji-won to headline Falsify

Falsify will center on the lives of reporters who uncover social wrongdoings. Uhm Ji-won, who is known for her dramas like Childless Comfort, Can Love Become Money, Sign, On Air, and Magic, will star as Kwon So-ra. Her role is a prosecutor who graduated with flying colors and at the top of her class. She is known as the youngest female beginner in her career.

She will star alongside Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) who will play the role of Han Moo-young, a worker for a third-rate tabloid who witnesses the death of his brother. Han Moo-young’s brother is trying to get to the bottom of a big corruption scandal and dies because of it,  prompting him to become a reporter to avenge his brother’s death.

Rounding out the four main characters of the drama are Yoo Jun-sang (Heard It Through the Grapevine) and Jeon Hye-bin (Woman With a Suitcase). Yoo Jun-sang will play the role of Lee Seok-min, a journalist who is a little bit more sensitive than the other reporters. He will be ranting a lot about the injustice in their society. The other stars who are confirmed to appear in the drama include Moon Sung-keun as Koo Tae-won, Kim Kang-hyun as Lee Yong-sik, Oh Ah-yeon as Gong Ji-won, and Park Kyung-hye as Seo Na-rae.

Falsify is written by Kim Hyun-jung and directed by Lee Jung-heum (Six Flying Dragons). The production of the drama started last May even without the female lead. It is set to premiere on July 24, following the historical rom-com My Sassy Girl.

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