Two “Deserving of the Name” posters released

The upcoming time-slip drama from tvN has released two posters featuring the two main characters. The posters of Deserving of the Name, also known as Live Up To Your Name, show Kim Nam-gil and Kim Ah-joong wearing hanbok (traditional Joseon attire) and modern-day doctor gown, respectively, and holding a needle and a scalpel.

Deserving of the Name is a medical and fantasy rom-com that centers on real-life figure Heo Im, a skilled acupuncturist in Joseon period who travels 400 years into the future and meets his modern-day counterpart who knows advanced knowledge in medicine. Kim Nam-gil (Shark) plays this character, who is considered the best in acupuncture throughout Joseon but has not received due recognition due to his lowly status as a son of a concubine. Meanwhile, Kim Ah-joong (Wanted) takes on the role of Choi Yeon-kyung, a cold, modern-day surgeon who has high regard for Western medicine and dismisses the claims that acupuncture has any medical benefit despite coming from a family of oriental medicine doctors.

Deserving of the Name Poster a

The first poster above shows the 17th-century acupuncturist, Heo Im, holding a needle with modern buildings in his background. In contrast, present-day Dr. Choi is shown holding her scalpel with a hanok (traditional Korean house) behind her, hinting at the possibility of the present-day doctor traveling back in time. Meanwhile, the second poster also features the two characters in similar attires with traditional and modern Korean buildings as the backdrop.

Deserving of the Name marks Kim Nam-gil’s return to the small screen after his four-year absence. His last drama is KBS’s 2013 revenge thriller Shark. During his absence, he starred in a total of six films including Pandora and One Day. The drama is written by Queen’s Classroom writer Kim Eun-hee and directed by Dear My Friends PD Hong Jong-chan. It will air every Saturdays and Sundays beginning August 12, following Secret Forest.

Deserving of the Name Poster b


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