Two colorful posters revealed for ‘Revolutionary Love’

Revolutionary Love has released two posters featuring its main cast Choi Si-won (She Was Pretty), Kang So-ra (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho), and Gong Myung (Bride of the Water God). The upcoming tvN drama tells the story of a chaebol heir who moves into a small apartment far from his mansion and meets an ordinary woman who will capture his heart. It’s a romantic comedy with the typical rich-guy-meets-poor-girl setup and tvN is confident to line it up with the likes of hits Live Up To Your Name and Secret Forest.

The first poster below shows the three major characters each enclosed in a box with different colors and objects placed in front of them, which essentially illustrate the background and personality of each character. Meanwhile, the second poster creates a warm atmosphere on the rooftop with the presence of the three characters together, exuding a synergy that is raising the expectations of the viewers.

Revolutionary Love Poster 2

Choi Si-won plays the third-generation chaebol heir named Byuk Hyun, who decides one day to move into a middle-class neighborhood in an effort to prove something to his family. He’s grown up in a mansion where he is treated like a prince but suddenly he hides his affluent background and starts to do blue-collar jobs unfit for his status. In contrast, Kang So-ra plays a veteran and versatile part-timer who doesn’t have the required background to secure a decent full-time job. Meanwhile, Gong Myung is playing Kwon Je-hoon, Byuk Hyun’s jealous secretary and best friend who also works hard to become successful and rich.

Revolutionary Love Poster 1

Revolutionary Love, which will air every Saturday and Sunday beginning October 14, is the latest series helmed by PD Song Hyun-wook of Introverted Boss and the hit 2016 rom-com, Oh Hae Young Again. It is penned by Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi writer Joo Hyun.

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