tvN drops first “Live Up To Your Name” teaser

TvN released yesterday the first teaser for its upcoming fantasy medical drama titled Live Up To Your Name starring Kim Nam-gil (Shark) and Kim Ah-joong (Wanted). The teaser is 25 seconds long and features the two main characters.

Live Up To Your Name is a time-slip and medical drama about the real-life figure Heo Im, a skilled acupuncturist in 17th century Joseon who travels 400 years into the future. He is considered the best in acupuncture throughout Joseon but has not received due recognition because of his lowly status as a son of a concubine. Kim Nam-gil plays that character while Kim Ah-joong takes on the role of Choi Yeon-kyung, a cold, modern-day doctor who has high regard for Western medicine and does not believe that acupuncture has any medical benefit. The teaser only contains a portrait of Heo Im but shows the cold image of Choi Yeon-kyung who speaks in a prickly manner and even smirks at the end.

The upcoming series is the second time-slip drama of cable network tvN this year following Tomorrow With You. It marks Kim Nam-gil’s return to the small screen after his absence of four years with his last drama being KBS’s 2013 revenge thriller Shark, also known as Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus. During his absence, he starred in a total of six films including The Sound of a FlowerPandora, and the most recent, One Day.

Meanwhile, the said series is Kim Ah-joong’s first drama project this year. She starred previously in SBS’s crime thriller Wanted in 2016 and political thriller Punch in 2014. She was offered a leading role in the US remake of Criminal Minds in January this year but declined it.

Live Up to Your Name is written by Queen’s Classroom writer Kim Eun-hee and directed by Dear My Friends PD Hong Jong-chan. It will premiere on August 12, replacing Secret Forest on Saturdays and Sundays.


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