tvN drama ‘Room No. 9’ releases main posters

tvN’s upcoming drama Room No. 9 starring Kim Hee-sun (Woman of Dignity), Kim Young-kwang (Lookout), and Kim Hae-sook (About Time) has released three main posters. Man, what an impressive cast! The series centers around a death row convict and an attorney who end up switching bodies in room no. 9 at a prison.

Convict Jang Hwa-sa (played by Kim Hae-sook) is the killer behind the “Poison Serial Murder” case. Having waited 33 years for her execution date to be set, she has all but given up on life until a sudden twist of fate gives her a chance at a new life. Meanwhile, Attorney Eulji Hae-yi (Kim Hee-sun) is the type who flatters powerful people but looks down upon those who are poor. She is good at winning her cases though, but her intellect and mindset will be put to a test in prison when she switches body with Jang Hwa-sa. The poster below features the two characters, with a text that reads: “Unbeautiful truth hidden behind a beautiful lie.”

Room No. 9 Poster 1

The following two posters have Kim Hee-Sun and Kim Hae-Sook dressed like the other person. The caption on these two posters states “Everything began there.” Aside from the two lead female characters, Kim Young-kwang is also shown on these posters. He plays a psychiatrist named Ki Yoo-jin who is the boyfriend of Eulji Hae-yi. His outwardly sweet personality hides an inner dark side.

Room No. 9 will premiere on October 6, 2018, replacing Mr. Sunshine on the Saturday-Sunday time slot.

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