Wise Prison Life is now confirmed to be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning November 22 and has two new posters featuring lead actors Park Hae-soo and Jung Kyung-ho. The upcoming tvN drama is a black comedy about a superstar baseball player who becomes a prisoner, depicting his new life as an inmate and the people who surround him.

Park Hae-soo (The Liar and is Lover) is playing the baseball player Kim Jae-hyuk whose life changes overnight after he is convicted of a crime and sent to jail. He is leaving a strong impression on the audience in the first poster below, which shows him wearing a prisoner’s uniform and bearing a facial expression filled with many stories that raise the curiosity of the viewers about the drama. A caption on the poster that reads “This is not the end of his life, is it?” is a common question asked by new prisoners who have been living a successful life until their arrival in jail. Wise Prison Life will answer this question during its broadcast, providing the viewers with a unique storytelling and setting that deals with life in prison and the prisoners who are struggling to cope with living in a completely different environment.

Wise Prison Life Poster c

In the second poster, Kim Jae-hyuk and Jung Kyung-ho’s (Missing Nine) character, Lee Jun-ho, have met in the hallway as a prisoner and an elite prison guard, respectively. Their facial expressions and eyes are showing signs of tension between the two. This poster officially confirms that Jung Kyung-ho is not playing a convict in the series like Park Hae-soo. Specific details about the plot and the two main characters remain under wraps until recently when the first poster was released.

Wise Prison Life Poster b

Wise Prison Life is directed by PD Shin Won-ho of the popular Reply series. Through this drama, the director is trying to tell the stories of people who are living in an unfamiliar and strange place called “prison” in a way that is “not too heavy.” He is hopeful that a good drama will be born with a good script and the actors’ brilliant performance.

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