tvN announces premiere date, releases first stills for ‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’

Cable network tvN seems to have started actively promoting its upcoming fantasy drama When The Devil Calls Your Name as it released on June 20 the first set of stills from the series and announced its premiere date.

When The Devil Calls Your Name is a Faust-inspired series about a songwriter who makes a risky deal with a devil in exchange for money and fame. When the songwriter realizes that his success comes at the cost of someone’s happiness, he sets out on doing the right thing and learns the essence of life in the process. The series will premiere on July 31, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday time slot currently occupied by Search: WWW.

Jung Kyung-ho (Life On Mars) is starring in the series as a famous and respected songwriter named Ha Rip. Unknown to his fans, he owes his success to a devil named Ryu, to whom he sold his soul so that he can possess an extraordinary talent and become a big name in the industry. When his contract with the devil nears its end, Ha Rip bargains with the devil to save his soul using his own life as collateral.

Below are the first stills of Jung Kyung-ho from the drama that were released by tvN on Thursday. The actor is shown sitting and relaxing inside a recording studio.

Jung Kyung-ho in a still from When The Devil Calls Your Name
Jung Kyung-ho in another still from When The Devil Calls Your Name

The devil, who is in the body of an actor named Mo Tae-kang, is played by Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes).

Jung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong starred last year in the OCN drama Life On Mars, making When The Devil Calls Your Name their second TV series together as the leads.

In his stills from the drama, Park Sung-woong is wearing a maroon suit and exuding intense charisma.

Park Sung-woong in a still from When The Devil Calls Your Name
Park Sung-woong in another still from When The Devil Calls Your Name

Meanwhile, Lee El and Lee Seol round out the main cast of the drama. Lee El (Matrimonial Chaos) plays the role of Ji Seo-young, the CEO of Ha Rip’s agency and his dependable friend while Lee Seol (Less Than Evil) portrays the character of Lee Kyung, a little-known artist whose life has been filled with misfortune.

When The Devil Calls Your Name is directed by Min Jin-ki of the acclaimed science fiction drama Circle and written by Noh Hye-young of Come Back Mister.

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