TVING releases exclusive commentary episode for hit drama ‘Mr. Queen’

Fans of tvN’s historical drama Mr. Queen are given a special treat!

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming service TVING released a special commentary episode for the hit drama today, March 5. The special episode features cast members Shin Hye-sun (Kim So-yong), Kim Jung-hyun (Cheoljong), Bae Jong-ok (Sunwon), Seol In-ah (Jo Hwa-jin), Na In-woo (Kim Byeong-in), and Lee Jae-won (Officer Hong), among others. To commemorate the occasion, cast members posed for a photograph together, showing off their friendship and camaraderie built on the sets of the drama.

Mr. Queen commentary episode poster

Through the special episode, the cast members gave commentary on their characters and important scenes within the drama. Interest is particularly high in hearing the famous “No-Touch Couple” aka Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun talk about their unique chemistry in the drama. They also shined a light on the show’s humor by talking about scenes that incorporated modern slangs and terms like “anti-fans” and “special forces.”

The cast members chose their favorite lines and scenes from the drama, while sharing memories of working together—such as who the mood maker on the set was, who caused the most retakes, and who tried spontaneous ad-libs in the middle of filming. Viewers of the show were also given insight into the chemistry between cast members, which is said to be quite fun. The commentary episode will reportedly be made available on streaming platform Viu tomorrow, March 6.

Mr. Queen premiered in December last year with 8% viewership rating, becoming tvN’s third highest-rated premiere of all time. Despite controversies, the drama wrapped up in February on a high—with 17.37% nationwide viewership, going on to become the seventh highest-rated cable drama of all time. The show tells the story of Queen So-yong of Joseon, whose soul gets swapped with a playboy chef from modern-day Seoul.

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