“Tunnel” breaks rating record of “Voice”

Tunnel broke the viewership rating record achieved by its predecessor Voice and is now on track to become OCN’s most successful drama. According to Nielsen Korea, Tunnel’s May 14 episode received a 6.263 % in viewership ratings nationwide and 6.901 % in South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

The nationwide audience share of Tunnel‘s episode on May 14 is its highest to date and is higher than Voice’s peak rating of 5.406 % by 0.86 percentage point. Tunnel actually surpassed the highest rating of Voice about three weeks ago, when it recorded 5.413 % for its 10th episode on April 23, 2017. In addition, its May 13 episode rating is also higher than Voice’s peak rating by almost 0.1 percentage point. The drama has now an average rating of 4.460 %, which already broke Voice record of 4.357 %.

Yoon Hyun-min and Choi Jin-hyuk
Photo Credit: TVING

The cast and crew of the drama got a reward vacation to Guam for their work and are set to leave for the place at the end of the month.

The OCN drama started off strong on March 25, 2017, with 2.760 % viewership rating. This figure has increased since then, an achievement attributed to its gripping storyline that combines crime thriller with time travel.

Tunnel is about a police detective, played by Choi Jin-hyuk, from 1986 who accidentally travels to the present (2017) via a tunnel while chasing the suspect of a homicide case. Upon finding out that the case remains unsolved even after 30 years, he works with another detective and a criminal profiler to catch the killer. The detective and profiler are played by Yoon Hyun-min and Lee Yoo-young, respectively.

OCN is a South Korean cable network known for its crime and action series. Unlike cable networks tvN and JTBC, it has relatively no regular TV program schedule for dramas. It did not air dramas on its late night Saturday-Sunday time slot between March 2016 when Neighborhood Hero ended and January 2017 when Voice premiered. This year, however, the cable channel decided to complete its drama lineup for the said time slot. Tunnel will be followed by DuelRescue Me, Black, and the Bad Guys spin-off.

Tunnel has still 2 episodes left and will end its run on May 21. Duel will take over its time slot on June 3, 2017.

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