Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 6

The friendship brewing between our main duo is as much fun as their romance, and as they spend more time in each other’s company, the guards drop and an easy camaraderie takes its place. Instances of them teasing each other—Yoon-seo’s exasperation when Jung-rok flaunts a penchant for catching onto stuff real fast while absolutely failing to catch onto her feelings for him, and him looking up her dating history and teasing her for being a ‘lifelong solo’—all make for a refreshing break from the usual blushing and shy glances. Some may say that there’s not much shift in their dynamics from one episode to the other, but I disagree; it seems that we are peeling back a subtle layer around their relationship with each interaction.

Touch Your Heart Episode 6 - Jung-rok pouting

So far, we’ve seen Yoon-seo get jealous about Jung-rok’s interactions with Yeo-reum, but in this episode, we get to cross over into the territory of Jung-rok’s jealousy. And I have to say, Jealous Jung-rok is just as entertaining as jealous Yoon-seo, with his scandalized glances as she speaks to her (manager) ‘oppa’ on the phone and his sulky pout the next day at work.

Things take a turn for the dark in this episode with Jung-rok getting attacked at the murder site, but the episode uses it as a chance to show how genuinely concerned our couple is for each other. It’s just so comforting to watch them take care of each other. Yoon-seo even makes Jung-rok pinky promise to spend the day resting, haha.

Another thing this show has been consistently impressing me with is its choice of cases. I was pleasantly surprised at how the stalking case was handled with zero victim-blaming. The domestic abuse case in question is also depicted with a lot of sympathy for the victim, even going so far as to delve into the psychology of how emotionally and physically abused kids tend to grow up and date abusive people. Yoon-seo does a fine job with this case by managing to convince a reluctant witness to come to trial by tactfully appealing to him and thus changing the course of the entire case. This girl just keeps impressing me with her go-getter attitude.

Touch Your Heart Episode 6 - Jung-rok asks Yoon-seo to go out for soju

The trial paints a grim picture of the reality of domestic abuse, and how many, many lives it ruins, casting a somber mood upon the episode. I almost feel relieved when Jung-rok refuses to celebrate his win, maintaining basic dignity and sympathy for people even in the face of the calculative nature of his profession. In a surprising move, however, he later asks Yoon-seo to go out for soju with him and doesn’t shy away from admitting that he only wanted to hang out with her. Alright, now we’re talking!

In a completely surprising move, as they’re walking back home after dinner and Yoon-seo is laughing by herself remembering the embarrassing hands-in-pockets episode, Jung-rok takes her hand and VOLUNTARILY guides it to his pocket. SQUEAAAAL. He confesses that she’s become really special to him, and okay, I think I know why the show is titled what it is because Jung-rok’s words are so sincere that it’s difficult to not be touched. Also, can they just admit they like each other already? I feel like we’ve said everything there is to say except the actual words!


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