Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 5

Yoon-seo is letting out all her cute now that she and Jung-rok are ‘friends’, and he, for his part, is striking a fine balance between reprimanding her and indulging her. They spend a day writing each other memos on pink, heart-shaped memo pads. With the way these two are behaving, one would think they’re in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship, but we haven’t even gotten a confession yet. 

Touch Your Heart Episode 5 - Lawyer Dan

Besides Jung-rok and Yoon-seo, another love line I’m very invested in would have to be Lawyer Dan’s. I wish I had her endless optimism to fall in love over and over again, and I’m rooting for her in this quest to find the one. Going by her near-constant bickering with a colleague, I have a feeling I know where this quest might lead her (Lawyer Choi), but I’ll be egging her on till the very end.

Yoon-seo and Jung-rok take their bickering to the public this time, and by public I mean their colleagues at Always law firm. Everyone notices how very couple-y their arguments sound, Yoon-seo is flustered as hell, and Jung-rok is clueless as always—but it’s all so ridiculous that no one suspects a thing. The dynamics in this show just kill me. 

At this point, our couple isn’t even trying to hide their excitement at getting to spend time alone under the pretext of work engagements. You guys are fooling no one. Notice that despite Yoon-seo’s bad acting being a running joke throughout the drama, she constantly proves herself adept at a number of skills that she has learned during the course of her acting career, like cooking, as well as a basic knowledge of psychology which she betrays when noticing that Jung-rok’s client kept dating abusive men due to her psychological conditioning after being abused as a kid. It’s quite impressive, and Jung-rok’s growing admiration for Yoon-seo says that he agrees with me.

Touch Your HeartEpisode 5 - Yoon-seo putting her hands in Jung-rok's pockets

I’m starting to love how a part of Yoon-seo’s brain operates as if she’s on a film or drama set at the most inopportune of times because it allows for hilarious moments like her putting her hands in Jung-rok’s pockets when she’s cold. Cue embarrassment, and Jung-rok’s increasingly frequent giggles at her antics.

Our ‘ace’ lawyer hit a bit of a rough patch with the domestic abuse cum murder case this time, and while he retains his composure through the storm, it’s Yoon-seo who notices his subtle distress and proceeds to give him the brightest pep-talk ever. She has a penchant for saying really honest stuff that seems obvious but needs to be said aloud sometimes. When she tells Jung-rok that his warmth and consideration makes him a great lawyer, and his throat catches at her words, my only thoughts were—we all need a Yoon-seo in our life. 

Her little pep-talk leads to a significant development in their relationship, with Jung-rok becoming comfortable enough with her to share the real reason he chose becoming a lawyer over a prosecutor— so he could stand with someone instead of against them. Aww, Jung-rok. Aren’t you the sweetest. It’s really obvious why he has touched Yoon-seo’s heart in a way no one else has, and you can see her eyes glowing with affection for him. 

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