Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 4

Yoon-seo and Jung-rok have their first not-date, and it’s peppered with hilarious instances which can only be borne out of their unique dynamics. Yoon-seo tries on various dresses for her ‘study session’ with Jung-rok. Seeing him in casual attire, however, she slips into one of her filmy spirals, imagining them in various campus date scenarios…

Yoon In-na and Lee Dong-wook in Touch Your Heart

…only to be rudely awoken from her daydreams, because it seems Jung-rok has taken these ‘study sessions’ literally and focuses on aggressively lecturing her. They end up going to a drive-in theatre for the movies, which Yoon-seo explains is her way of learning. RIGHT. It sometimes feels like, for the most part, we are only exploring her feelings for him, and she of course seems to be falling too fast in her classic filmy manner. Here and there, however, we are reminded that Jung-rok is letting down his guard too, and it’s so cute having him grin easily at her antics. She’s a little silly and absent-minded, and I don’t think Jung-rok has ever actually hung out with someone like that. Seeing his serious lawyer persona melt away around her is so refreshing.

Park Kyung-hye and Shim Hyung-tak in a still from Touch Your Heart

We’ve already established that this show’s humor is one of its strong suits, but it still catches me off-guard because it’s just so unique. Besides our main couple, some of the funniest moments of the show happen between Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi. The moment they raise their hands to express their willingness for going on broadcast, just as there’s an announcement outside to “move your vehicles from the no-parking zone” was hilariously timed. Also, watching a huge man like Lawyer Choi dissolve into aegyo while on the phone with his mom will never be not fascinating.

Jung-rok and Yoon-seo team up on another case—this time a woman being stalked by her ex. The woman requests Yoon-seo’s presence as she narrates her ordeal, and it seems that this is an issue Yoon-seo feels strongly about, because she makes a super effective case against emotional and mental violence—that it doesn’t have to be physical for it to be violence, and that monitoring someone 24×7 and trespassing in their home is also a kind of violence. After her angry outburst, I wanted to stand up and applaud. You tell them, girl.

Yoo In-na freezes over in a still from Touch Your Heart

However, when the woman reveals her boyfriend put drugs in her drink behind her back, we see Yoon-seo freeze as she flashes back to her scandal. So that’s what transpired between her and the chaebol she had her scandal with. Jung-rok notices her distress and later pieces together that she was a victim of stalking and drugs too. The chaebol had stalked her until she rejected him and then proceeded to ruin her life by mixing drugs in her drinks. I’M FURIOUS RIGHT NOW.

Jung-rok impresses me again by trying to take Yoon-seo off the case after learning about her past, but she powers on, going as far as to the victim’s house to get evidence. While there, they discover her stalker hiding UNDER HER BED in her own house. This scene gave me the heebie-jeebies. Like, I actually screamed. Of course, Jung-rok gets there to save the ladies, but the creepiness this scene left me with didn’t fade away for a long time.

Stalker in still from Touch Your Heart

Jung-rok gives Yoon-seo a too-fast too-awkward pep talk about how he thinks victims should not suffer because of stalkers, which is really sweet. Our couple ends the night by sharing an intimate moment when Yoon-seo applies medicine to a scratch on his neck, and text sweet nothings to each other like a pair of lovebirds. On a computer screen, we see Yoon-seo’s texts being tracked as a man looks menacingly into the distance. Oh my god, is the guy who stalked Yoon-seo….STILL stalking her? And I thought we were done with the creepy in this episode!

Yoon-seo's stalker in a still from Touch Your Heart

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