Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 16 (Finale)

So the show ends not with a bang or a loud declaration of love, but with a simple walk of faith that your sincerity will get across to people. How fitting. A lot happens in this episode—from misunderstandings to temporary separations to a bittersweet rejection. But while the end of any drama with memorable characters feels a bit sad, this show was so wholesome and hilarious that even in sadness I was left giggling.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 16 - Yoon-seo turns up at Jung-rok's blind date

Jung-rok really needs to work on being expressive, at least to his best friends. Se-won and Yeo-reum are still under the impression that he’s broken up with Yoon-seo and drowning himself in work to get over her. So they do what all best friends do: set him up. Of course, it all goes hilariously wrong when Jung-rok, his blind date, and Yoon-seo end up in the same place. What makes this confusion worth it is the way Jung-rok preens when Yoon-seo calls him ‘her man’ and the adorably annoyed rant she goes on—berating Jung-rok for being too perfect. I love good character development, but I’m so glad our dramatic heroine hasn’t changed one bit.

Yoon-seo and Jung-rok’s struggle to spend time together before her overseas shooting schedule was adorable to watch. From her turning up to the office to work as his secretary again to him transforming into a total fanboy and calling her on live broadcast, our couple found ways to be adorable and loving in spite of every obstacle thrown their way. They also weather their first celebrity scandal beautifully. I liked that no undue jealousy was inserted in this angle because they’ve been through so much together that something as petty as this just cheapens their connection.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 16 - Jung-rok calls Yoon-seo on live broadcast

The rest of the couples in the show see some much-needed developments and resolutions. Yeo-reum and Se-won are finally getting hitched. For most of the show, I was confused by their arc because we never went into details about what caused their breakup and how long they’d been broken up—you know, all the details that get you invested in a couple. As a result, I wasn’t too moved by their storyline and kind of wished Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi had gotten more screen time.

Speaking of Choi and Dan, I’m glad it was Lawyer Choi who had to come to terms with his jealous nature in the end. So far, the show has depicted Dan as fickle and Choi as her somewhat saner counterpart, so it was interesting to see the tables turn for once. As for Secretary Yang and Manager Lee, I was so hopeful for this couple—but in the end, the show dealt us one sad ending among all the happy ones. I hated seeing that kicked puppy look on Manager Lee’s face.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 16 - Lawyer Choi jealous

Our heroine has gone and come back from the brink of losing her career during the course of the show, and for most people, that would result in desperation to hold tightly onto these things. That’s why it’s especially poignant and brave when Yoon-seo tells her CEO that she will do whatever she wants now. I mean, life’s too short, right? The shot of her walking the red carpet with Jung-rok, confidently announcing her relationship to the world with all their friends and colleagues cheering was as perfect as finales go. On the whole, I think our couple did very well at making it all count.


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