Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 15

Our lovable couple is back to doing what they do best—loving each other. While it didn’t take too long for them to get back together, the episodes minus Jung-rok and Yoon-seo’s antics sure felt like a lifetime. In that way, I’m glad the show didn’t unnecessarily stretch out the angst and recognized that its strength lay in our couple going back to each other’s side ASAP.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 15 - Yoon-seo and Jung-rok are back together

That being said, I had no idea I would be so entertained by two thirty-year-olds sneaking around like teenagers and skirting around the word ‘sex’. It’s a bit frustrating, considering how old they are, but for those of us who have had a lowkey (read: nonexistent) dating life, it’s also cute. I swear when Jung-rok asked to sleep over and said he would go after watching Yoon-seo sleep, I thought it was code for, you know. But you can’t assume anything with Jung-rok, as has been proved several times in the show. I would be yelling in frustration if the way this scene was shot wasn’t comedy gold.

With them earnestly dating for the first time since Yoon-seo has gone back to her normal schedule as an actress, we see just how difficult it is to have a celebrity significant other. In the midst of this, Jung-rok comes upon a hilariously genius solution to see Yoon-seo more. Cue: him turning up to her set and lots of PDA. Jung-rok’s time on set is peppered with sly touches and stolen hugs. I think I might be a fan of this trope.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 15 - Jung-rok turns up at Yoon-seo's set

To my utter delight, Jung-rok completely ignores all of Manager Oppa’s attempts to put a dampener on their drama set flirting. Speaking of Manager Oppa, I’m starting to get a bit annoyed by him slipping in instructions for Yoon-seo to “manage herself” which is obviously code for ‘eat less and lose weight’. I know it’s his job to worry about these things as a manager but I can’t help feeling that it’s terribly unfair. It’s a relief that there is Jung-rok who keeps pestering Yoon-seo to eat and gain strength.

In Lawyer Choi and Lawyer dan’s world, things are shifting now that their dating contract is over. I’m satisfied to see Lawyer Choi, who pretended to be all high and mighty and suffocated by Lawyer Dan’s intense affection, starting to miss her. She, on the other hand, seems to have learned how to play it hard. Thank you. We needed this character development, though I would have enjoyed it a tad more had it come 2 episodes earlier. We FINALLY get a confession out of them, and I couldn’t be happier. At least I know Lawyer Dan won’t be getting hurt again. When they kiss, she even has her foot out!!! That’s how you know it’s real.

Touch Your Heart Review Episode 15 - Secretary Yang and Manager Lee

At last, all the couples in Always law firm announce their relationships, much to the consternation of CEO Yeon. That guy is just so dramatic. Even Manager Lee shyly asks out Secretary Yang for dinner. This is the only couple in the show yet to see some action. Since we’re all for tying up loose ends, I hope Secretary Yang and Manager Lee also get a little happy ending in the finale episode.


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