Touch Your Heart Review: Episode 1

Like everyone else, I was invested in the tragic love story of Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s characters in Goblin. When Touch Your Heart was announced, however, I wasn’t sure if the two actors could sell an entire drama off their chemistry alone. With the addition of the director of gems like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Because This Life Is My First, however, I got my hopes up for an adorable and hilarious drama, and for the most part, came away satisfied from the first episode. 

This episode belonged to Yoo In-na. She plays Oh Yoon-seo, our slightly silly, very dramatic, sometimes sensitive, but ultimately pure-hearted actress experiencing a slump in her career. Her character is styled like a classic vapid bimbo, but she’s almost endearing with Yoo In-na playing her. Beneath Yoon-seo’s general cluelessness, however, there are sparks of individuality—a hunger to work and to prove herself, which shone when she convinced a writer who absolutely did not want to work with her to cast her in a drama.

Oh Eui-shik plays Yoon-seo’s manager Hyuk-joon, who is almost as dramatic as her, and it’s cute how he and her agency’s CEO deal with her in a way that keeps her overt sense of importance intact while also making sure she doesn’t embarrass herself.

While Yoon-seo is normally cheerful, she sometimes combats loneliness, with only her manager to hang out with her. I like that despite starting off as a one-dimensional, we got these glimpses into the different moods of has-been star actress Oh Yoon-seo. She seems self-aware enough to accept her weaknesses and work at improving, even if it is after one (or several) dramatic tantrums. But honestly, what is a Hallyu goddess be without a tantrum or two?  

In order to research her character in the drama, Yoon-seo is to work at a law firm. ‘Always’ law firm, where she joins as a secretary, is quite the opposite of what we might think ‘serious’ law firms would look like. There’s CEO Yeon Joon-gyo (Oh Jung-se), also an Oh Yoon-seo fanboy, civil litigation specialist Dan Moon-hee (Park Kyung-hye), the timid one who blurts out all the uncomfortable truths, divorce specialist Choi Yoon-hyeok (Shim Hyung-tak) who still uses the aegyo voice with his mom, legal secretary Yang Eun-ji (Jang So-yeon) who doesn’t seem to like Yoon-seo very much, the nosy assistant secretary Kim Hae-young (Kim Hee-jung), and finally, our hero, ace lawyer Kwon Jung-rok (Lee Dong-wook), who is a perfectionist and professional to a fault. The dynamics between these characters are hilarious right off the bat, and I can sense that it will only get better as we progress. 

Jung-rok and Yoon-seo’s relationship is off to a bad start in the first episode. She starts work by being late on her first day, turning up in red carpet finery for the job and just generally being absolutely clueless about her job. There are fun moments such as Yoon-seo not knowing how to transfer a call to the extension and trying to stretch the wire of her landline all the way to Jung-rok’s office, and not being able to bend in her short dress to pick up a pile of documents from the ground. With Yoon-seo trying to learn the ropes of her job and Jung-rok trying to get used to her, their antics will most likely continue to be a source of hilarity.

Yoon-seo keeps expecting consideration and celebrity treatment from Jung-rok, while he has already decided to completely ignore her celebrity persona. There is, however, also a subtle undercurrent of them being considerate of each other’s needs, such as her waiting to get lunch with Jung-rok, and him getting her takeout after realizing she hasn’t eaten.

All in all, this show’s strongest selling point is its humor, which is a character in itself. Despite not much happening in the show, there’s not a single dull moment. I think I’m ready to take my shoes off and lounge around with the characters of Touch Your Heart for a while. 

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