‘The Uncanny Counter’ prod team discusses creation of season 2

OCN’s action-packed fantasy series The Uncanny Counter is reportedly gearing up for the production of a new season.

According to news reports on December 23, an official from the drama bureau revealed that the team behind the ongoing drama is contacting the agencies of its main actors to discuss the formation of season 2.

“Since there were no [discussions] about a seasonal system during the first stage, the crew is considering various factors. Among them, the schedules of the major actors are the biggest problems, so they are trying to check as early [as they can]. In addition, [they are] asking for a schedule that will [work] with a target broadcast date during the first half of 2022,” the official explained.

In response, a representative from OCN said, “We are in the process of making [the drama] a seasonal production, but the specific details and schedule are still undecided.”

During the drama’s production presentation, the possibility of The Uncanny Counter season 2 happening was raised, earning a positive response from the actors and PD Yoo Seon-dong. Jo Byung-gyu (Hot Stove League), who plays the unusual lead character So Mun, shared his thoughts. “I want to hear that a Korean-style hero is worth watching. I also hope that the staff and actors whom I’ve worked with in the first season will [stick around] and still work together because there are a lot of rumors about season 2, and [I am hoping] it will happen,” the actor said. Yoo Jun-sang (Graceful Friends), who plays So Moon’s mentor and fellow Counter Ga Mo-tak, quipped, “I will take good care of my body until season 5.”

Recently, the series made news as it logged in 9.3% nationwide viewership ratings for its eighth episode, making it the current highest-rated series in OCN. Due to its popularity, it is predicted to hit the double-digit rating soon, potentially making it the first drama in the network’s history to achieve such a feat.

The Uncanny Counter is an adaptation of the webtoon “Amazing Rumor” by Jang Yi and tells the story of the demon hunters with extraordinary gifts called Counters. To blend in with the ordinary humans, they pose as noodle shop employees. Starring alongside Jo Byung-gyu and Yoo Jun-sang in the main roles are I Wanna Hear Your Voice actress Kim Se-jeong and Mystic Pop-up Bar star Yeom Hye-ran. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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