‘The Uncanny Counter’ confirms production of season 2

OCN’s highest-rated series The Uncanny Counter has confirmed the production of another season!

The record-breaking drama revolves around demon hunters called “Counters,” who each possess unique abilities that aid them in hunting and capturing evil spirits who have come down to Earth to wreak havoc. To blend in with ordinary humans, they run a noodle restaurant during the day and continue their mission at night. It stars Jo Byung-gyu (Hot Stove League), Yoo Jun-sang (Graceful Friends), Kim Se-jeong (I Wanna Hear Your Song), and Yeom Hye-ran (Mystic Pop-up Bar).

On January 25, a drama official confirmed the reports regarding a new season, saying, “It is true that The Uncanny Counter is preparing for the production of its season 2. However, other details, such as the filming schedule and airing dates, have not been confirmed yet.” Regarding the appearance of the main cast in the next season, the official added, “We are still finalizing details on that matter.”

The series made OCN history when its 12ᵗʰ episode surpassed the 10 percent viewership-rating mark and, at the same time, recorded the network’s first-ever two-digit hit. A week after, the network announced the departure of the screenwriter from the production, citing differences in plans of story development with the rest of the production staff. This led to a mutual agreement between both parties for the writer to exit the show. Following the news of the writer stepping down, the series saw a 1.2 percent dip in its viewership ratings, but it was able to quickly recover from the slight decline in the next episode.

The Uncanny Counter aired its final episode on January 24 with a 10.99% nationwide rating, breaking its own previous record and setting another milestone for its home network for the highest viewership rating ever achieved in OCN history. The series will be replaced by Times in its time slot on February 20.

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