‘The Secret Life Of My Secretary’ releases first teaser, stills featuring Kim Young-kwang

The Secret Life Of My Secretary, also known by its literal title I Loved You From The Beginning, recently dropped its first video teaser and stills featuring Kim Young-kwang, who is playing a lead role in the drama opposite Jin Ki-joo.

In the new series, Kim (Room No. 9) plays Do Min-ik, a cold-hearted and perfectionist head of Media Team 1 at T&T Mobile, while Jin (Come and Hug Me) plays his equally capable but temperamental secretary, Jin Gal-hee. Something happens between them, leading Do Min-ik to lean heavily on his secretary to the extent of calling her repeatedly for help and being rude to her. Despite this, Jin Gal-hee follows her boss’ orders without complaint and hides her fragile side.

Contrary to his character’s description as a cold-hearted and seemingly serious manager, the video teaser released on March 26 shows Kim Young-kwang adorably pouting as he fogs up a glass screen and draws faces on it while wondering, “Do you look like this?”

On the other hand, the still images released on March 27 show him at work, where he embodies a completely different image—dressed in business attire, with sharp piercing gazes that depict professionalism.

Kim Young-kwang in stills from 'The Secret Life of My Secretary'

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-kyung (Life On Mars) and Koo Ja-sung (Misty) take on the supporting role of Veronica Park and Ki Dae-joo, respectively. Park is a production company CEO who has an excellent career and messy personal life while Ki is Do Min-ik’s best friend described as a talented, gentle, and sweet person.

Written by Kim Ah-jung of Queen Of Ring (2017) and Divorce Lawyer In Love (2015), The Secret Life Of My Secretary will premiere in May and take over the Monday-Tuesday time slot currently occupied by Haechi.

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