‘The Player’ records highest-rated drama premiere in OCN’s history

Heist action drama The Player is off to very impressive start with viewer rating that sets a new record in the history of cable network OCN. The new series has recorded the highest-rated pilot episode among OCN dramas, breaking the previous record owned by Voice 2.

The Player Poster 3

According to Nielsen Korea, The Player pulled in a nationwide audience share of 4.474 percent in pilot viewership, thereby becoming the series with the highest pilot episode rating in OCN’s history. The drama beat the record set by Voice 2, which stands at 3.938 percent. In terms of ratings in Seoul area, the series also achieved the highest-rated pilot episode viewership among OCN dramas, achieving an impressive 5.226 percent.

The Player airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 22:20 Korean Standard Time. It broadcast its first episode on September 29, captivating the viewers with an episode full of action, suspense, and great chemistry between the cast members. Taking center stage in the first episode of the drama is the corrupt and powerful group of people who abuse their relationship with the government for their personal gain to amass wealth through illicit means. Their filthy tactics are noticed by another group of individuals who want to serve justice in their own way by stealing from the corrupt the wealth they have accumulated. This group is composed of a swindler (played by Song Seung-heon), a driver (Krystal), a hacker (Lee Si-eon), and a fighter (Tae Won-suk).

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