‘The Fiery Priest’ releases posters for main characters

SBS’s new drama The Fiery Priest released posters featuring its four major characters played by Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyung, Lee Ha-nee, and Go Joon. 

The upcoming comedic series, which will premiere on February 15, centers around a Catholic priest who ends up working with a detective and a prosecutor after becoming involved in issues of murder, corruption and other serious matters connected to the church. Kim Nam-gil (Live Up To Your Name) plays the titular fiery Catholic priest Kim Hae-il known in the community for making spiteful and strong remarks in the pulpit, which is why he is shown in his poster with a fighting pose and combative expression. It’s quite a different role this time for Kim as his previous lead role had him playing a doctor from Joseon who travel in time to modern-day Seoul.

The Fiery Priest Poster 1

Meanwhile, Kim Sung-kyung plays the fiery priest’s partner in solving crimes—Gu Dae-young. Shown in the poster holding a gun, Gu is a homicide detective who teams up with Kim Hae-il after an elderly priest is murdered. Kim, whose last TV project is the 2017 dramUntouchable, is widely popular among Korean drama fans for showing his comic prowess in Reply 1994 and Reply 1988.

The Fiery Priest Poster 2 - Kim Sung-kyung

Lee Ha-nee’s role is named Park Kyung-seon, an excellent and ambitious prosecutor who is willing to do anything to gain more influence and authority. She is shown in the poster wearing a veil and holding a rosary while making a self-satisfied smirk. The beauty queen actress won awards for her performance in his previous series, Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People.

The Fiery Priest Poster 3 - Lee Ha-nee

The last poster belongs to Go Joon, who plays the character of Hwang Jung-bum—a former mafia boss who now works as a representative of a trading companyMany drama fans look forward to his performance, as he gained popularity with his role as Kevin Lee in Misty.

The Fiery Priest Poster 4 - Go joon

The Fiery Priest is penned by Park Jae-bum of hit comedy Chief Kim and Baeksang-winning medical series Good Doctor and directed by Lee Myung-woo of Whisper and Punch. It is the first SBS drama to be broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays.

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