‘The Devil Judge’ releases first stills of Kim Min-jung, new posters of main cast

tvN’s The Devil Judge is keeping everyone’s anticipation at a constant high by dropping new sets of promos a few weeks before it premieres!

The Devil Judge stars Ji Sung (Doctor John) as Kang Yo-han, the so-called “devil judge” who presides court trials before the entire nation as if he is doing a reality TV show. The story plays around the question, “Is Judge Kang, the man who has suddenly appeared to restore order and justice in a dystopian Korea, a hero of the people or a sly demon lurking behind the mask of law?”

The first stills of Kim Min-jung (My Fellow Citizens) show a sneak peek at the actress’s amazing transformation into Jung Sun-ah, an executive director of a corporate social responsibility foundation. Despite growing up poor, Sun-ah has worked her way into becoming the influential woman that she is at present.

She is dressed elegantly in all of the photos while wearing the same cynical, almost dismissive expression on her face. A cold and mysterious aura radiates from her, warning Kang Yo-han that his no. 1 rival is arriving in the form of a no-nonsense woman with immense political power.

Kim Min-jung stills from The Devil Judge 1
Kim Min-jung stills from The Devil Judge (2)
Kim Min-jung stills from The Devil Judge (3)

In addition, the production released posters that feature the four main characters of the series. The first one reveals Judge Kang Yo-han and Jung Sun-ah facing forward with Sun-ah’s hand blocking Yo-han’s eye. Their possibly symbolic pose is made even more intriguing by the statement, “You’re still the same? You still have the habit of not knowing your place and touching things that are not yours,” making anticipating viewers wonder just why and how the two became each other’s great nemesis.

The Devil Judge character poster 1

The second poster, on the other hand, unveils Judge Kang and Judge Kim Ga-on’s (Jinyoung, When My Love Blooms) intense face-to-face confrontation. The text between them reads, “Choose. Will you stand in my way or beside me?” opening possibilities of an alliance or the formation of two clashing sides.

The Devil Judge character poster 2

However, the bleak atmosphere disappears in the last poster as childhood friends Kim Ga-on and Detective Yoon Soo-hyun (Park Gyu-young, Sweet Home) take center frame. Soo-hyun’s gaze caresses Ga-on’s troubled face, her unbending feelings put into words by the caption, “I have a criminal record of confessing five times because I don’t like to see him cry.” Their warm relationship provides another interesting point for the viewers to look forward to in the upcoming series.

The Devil Judge character poster 3

The Devil Judge is slated to air as a Saturday-Sunday drama beginning July 3 at 9 p.m. KST.

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