JTBC released on September 15 two teasers for its upcoming travel-themed drama The Package. The teasers feature the two main characters as they roam around in locations in France, reflecting the drama’s story about a group of tourists spending 8 days and 10 nights on an official tour trip in the beautiful, foreign country.

The first teaser opens with an aerial view of Saint-Malo, the historic walled port city in northwestern France that houses ancient structures and attracts tourists from around the world. It continues with Jung Yong-hwa’s (The Three Musketeers) character, San Ma-roo, who spends time alone on The Little Train of Saint-Malo. Lee Yeon-hee’s (Reunited Worlds) character, Yoon So-so, then shows up looking around the city while Jung Yong-hwa’s voice-over says: “Let’s take a trip without your tour guide flag…freely.” The 33-second video ends with So-so enjoying her time on a carousel ride.

Likewise, the second teaser starts with a view of another beautiful French town, Honfleur, but shows Lee Yeon-hee’s character first. She’s smiling as she walks around the town and after a while finds herself reading a book while having a cup of coffee in an outdoor location filled with people. She then starts to walk again among the crowd and narrates: “This is the place where we first met,” referring to her first meeting with Jung Yong-hwa’s character in the place. San Ma-roo also appears in the video. He is briefly shown arriving at a painting shop before the teaser ends.

A 12-episode, completely pre-produced series helmed by PDs Jeon Chang-geun (What’s With this Family) and Kim Jin-won (Innocent Man), The Package tells the love story of two individuals who meet each other in France during a tour. Lee Yeon-hee’s character serves as the tour guide of 7 individuals played by Jung Yong-hwa, Choi Woo-sik (Fight For My Way), Ha Shi-eun (Oh Hae Young Again), Ryu Seung-soo (Falsify), Park Yoo-na (Secret Forest), Jeong Gyu-su (Ruler: Master of the Mask), and Lee Ji-hyun. The series will premiere on October 13, replacing Age of Youth 2 on Fridays and Saturdays.


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