School 2017 Review Episode 5

School 2017 Review: Episode 5

Staying true to its mission, School 2017 continues to highlight the ever wrong system in Geumdo High, or in South Korea for that matter.  I have no idea how accurate the problems depicted in the show are compared to the ones in existence, but…
School 2017 Review Episode 4

School 2017 Review: Episode 4

Finally! X’s identity is revealed! Unless School 2017 is just messing with us using plot twists that can get disappointing sometimes, we now know who the hoodie guy is. I did not expect him to be really the one under the hood…
School 2017 Review Episode 3

School 2017 Review: Episode 3

The mystery is far from over. Delinquent trouble-maker X may not have surfaced in the last few days but his drone scene in the gym caused more troubles in school. Although we’re still unsure of his identity, this episode gives us a…