Stranger 2 Review Episode 4

Stranger 2 Review: Episode 4

After three episodes leading us to the setting up of the police-prosecution council, the first intense meeting happens in this episode. Lee Yeon-jae comes closer to getting entangled in this police vs. prosecution conflict. Sergeant Song’s death becomes even more mired in…
Stranger 2 Review Episode 2

Stranger 2 Review: Episode 2

The second season of Stranger began with the suspicious Tongyeong drowning case and the introduction of the conflict between the prosecutors and the police. This conflict is the central theme of this season and will result in much of the tug-of-war. The…
Stranger 2 Review Episode 1

Stranger 2 Review: Episode 1

It has been the longest three-year wait, but 2017’s iconic thriller Stranger is back on tvN with a second season. Stranger was a landmark drama for Korean thrillers—it not only got (well-deserved) international attention by earning a spot on The New York…